An ALS patient complains that he could not access the cabin on a ferry trip that left the Canary Islands

Aerial image of the Port of La Luz

Aerial image of the Port of La Luz

The ferry trip from the Canary Islands to Cádiz de Dabiz Riaño, sick of THE A, has become an “odyssey” by not being able to access his cabin due to a failure in the elevator of the boat that has forced him to spend the night in the van in which he was moving, without being able to go to the bathroom or take a bath. shower.

Riaño, who is a scientist at the CSIC, has denounced to EFE the uncomfortable situation that he has experienced during the day and a half that has lasted his journey back to the peninsula.

“I have not been able to shower or go to the bathroom,” this young man from Madrid told EFE by phone. had traveled to the Canary Islands to attend conferences on inclusive science.

Last Saturday night the “odyssey” of this young man with ALS began when he found that the ferry lift was out of order and he could not access the cabin he had reserved for his return trip to Cádiz, where he arrived this Monday morning.

“I made the reservation of the ticket ten days ago and I warned that I was a person with reduced mobility, so they knew my condition”, says Dabiz, who assures that on the way out, a month ago, the elevator was in perfect condition and that it had broken down “ten days ago”, a situation that he considers serious since it affects not only him but also families and other people with reduced mobility.

From the Trasmediterránea company, its spokesperson Juan Carlos Díaz Lorenzo, defends in statements to EFE that the elevator was out of service “since Friday” and that due to contractual issues with the company that owns the ship, they could not resolve the fault.

“It is the Italian company that designates and establishes the arrangement of everything that happens to the ship because it is still under warranty”, explains Díaz, who adds that since the arrival of the ferry at the port of Cádiz this morning “work is already underway to fix the elevator.”

One of the options offered to Dabiz from the company was to transfer him from his van to the cabin in a manual chair, however he rejected this option by not having, he assures, with “collars” since it was “a risk” when taking it to the room.

Trasmediterránea’s spokesperson insists that all security guarantees were offered to him and the necessary personnel were even made available to him to transfer him to his cabin or to the upper deck “as many times as he requested.”

Finally, and with the approval of the captain, he was allowed to sleep in his van, something that Dabiz says “is not allowed by law.”

In the letter of claim to the company, provided to Efe, Dabiz Riaño also exposes the situation of anxiety and emotional stress that this trip has caused him and he denounces that the ship’s doctor did not issue him any report for the follow-up of his family doctor.

“They just wanted time to pass and get off the ship without any record of anything,” laments this young scientist whom the captain, he says, refused to speak with him.

In your claim, Dabiz He also denounces that he has not been able to use his cabin to rest or wash, although he has paid for it, so you will claim the full refund of your ticket.

This Monday at 8 in the morning he has finally arrived in Cádiz and has started the way back to Madrid, where he lives and from where he will file a complaint with the National Police to request the return of the ticket in addition to moral damages, although he assures that he has “no hope” that his case will be resolved well.

Dabiz Riaño is a researcher at the CSIC and the University of California-Davis, diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease that affects motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, causing the progressive loss of voluntary muscle control and therefore the ability to move, speak, eat and breathe.


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