An Almudena Grandes stamp will be a good excuse to send letters again

The unexpected death of the writer Almudena Grandes last November 27th has unleashed a flood of memories and tributes that in some cases, as in Madrid, have exposed ideological tensions. The rotunda farewell from his readers and the gestures that continue to occur today - such as the minute of silence in the stadium Atlético de Madrid—, they speak above friction.

Almudena Grandes, the writer who refused to forget

Almudena Grandes, the writer who refused to forget

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Correos joins the recognition with a stamp dedicated to the novelist, one of the most widely read of her generation. This philatelic edition is included within the series called Female writers and that will see the light coinciding with the next Madrid Book Fair, in May 2022. The Almudena Grandes stamp, which will be used to collect, send love or farewell letters, postcards from the confines of travel or packages with manuscripts to be read in publishers —to give examples— will be the first, the one that inaugurates the series, whose purpose is "to highlight the work of exceptional authors", according to Correos and already does in other series such as Women in Science and Women in Sports, which include stamps dedicated to the Aragonese mathematician Maria Andresa Casamayor from La Coma (2020), the athlete Blanca Fernández Ochoa (2020), the women who won the first Olympic medals for Spanish women's teams (2021) and the Spanish biochemist Margarita Salas (2021).

"Almudena Grandes had the curiosity of the historian and the power of the novelist," the Spanish postal service said in a statement. "She did not invent the historical novel, but she did invent a way of making a singular historical novel, marked by her own training as a historian, which pushed her to prove every real detail without any of this tarnishing her narrative pulse," they added.

In Toledo, the Polygon Library It will be named after Almudena Grandes. The Guild of Libraries of Madrid has created an award with his name. In the Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí, yellow flowers were placed at the initiative of the schools. Rota, where he had a summer house, he also fired her With honors. There are who plants trees through her and at the doors of the Congress of Deputies, its president read some of her words: "Those winter Sundays in which the most beautiful sky in the world chooses to dawn in Madrid." The books keep rising in his name.


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