An alarm sounds non-stop for seven days in a flat in Tarrasa

An alarm sounds non-stop for seven days in a flat in Tarrasa

An alarm that sounds without stopping since last Tuesday in an empty flat in Tarrasa, located at number 65 on Asturias Street in that Barcelona city, has become a nightmare for the neighbors, who helplessly see that nobody is helping them. solve the problem.

One of the affected neighbors, Arantxa Lebrón, who lives on the top floor, explained that the house where the alarm is sounded is located on the ground floor of the building and has until now been owned by a real estate agency that apparently just sold.

The apartment had been previously occupied and, after the squatters had been evicted, the real estate company placed a reinforced security door and an alarm to avoid new occupations.

Lebrón explained that the alarm was placed in the kitchen oven of the apartment to minimize the inconvenience to the neighbors in case it was activated.

It consists of a mechanism that gives autonomy to operate for a year and a half without interruption and can not be deactivated remotely, since it is not connected to any central alarm.

The neighbors have contacted the real estate agency, who has informed them that they have sold the apartment and that the new owner will not occupy it for a couple of months, and with the owner of the alarm, who assures that without the consent of the owner You can not access the interior.

"We do not know what to do anymore", has explained the neighbor, the most affected by the noise of the alarm, which began to sound on Tuesday afternoon and that is clearly audible from the floor, the landing of the block and the street.



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