An 'akelarre' of ultras bishops opposed to the Pope meets in Madrid

An 'akelarre' of ultras bishops opposed to the Pope meets in Madrid

Benedict XVI turned 95 on April 16. However, it will be on October 26 and 27 when the assembly hall of the CEU in Madrid hosts a curious act in celebration of the Pope Emeritus's birthday, which according to his personal secretary, Georg Gänswein, is "slowly fading" and whose false death was announced last week.

So far, little news, except the curiosity of holding a university congress for the 95 (and a half) years of the German Pope, who in recent months has once again been accused of covering up several cases of abuse during his time as Archbishop of Munich . The novelty lies in the organizers (the CEU, the work of the ultra-conservative Catholic Association of Propagandists, the German Fundatio Christiana Virtus and the Association of Ecclesiastical Theology) and, above all, in those invited to it, who are part of the circle of opponents of the current Pope Francis. A Bergoglio who, by the way, turns 85 on December 17, but for whom no event seems to be organized in Spain.

And who are the protagonists of what seems to be an anti-Francisco and pro-Benedict coven in Madrid? The star is none other than the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the German Cardinal Gerhard Müller, displaced from his post in the curia by Bergoglio after verifying that it was one of his main opponents inside the Vatican.

Since then, Mueller take advantage of any opportunity to attack Franciscoeither with his project to reform the Curia (which has just entered into force), which he described as a "fateful error", or with the "heresies" of the Synod (such as the greater role of women or the priesthood of the married), the divorced and remarried or the end of the Latin masses.

Along with Müller, two of the representatives of the most stale conservatism of the Spanish episcopate. On the one hand, the still Bishop of Alcalá (he has just submitted his resignation, with which in October he may already be prelate emeritus), Juan Antonio Reig, one of the protagonists in the denounced homophobic conversion therapies, a confessed defender of the Benedictines from the Valley of the Fallen and author of such commented phrases as the one that homosexuals "find hell" in the middle of Holy Week mass broadcast on public television; on the other, the bishop of Orihuela-Alicante, José Ignacio Munilla, also implicated in false conversion therapies and who has stated on numerous occasions controversial views regarding abortion, same-sex relationships, or “gender ideology”.

The event will be presented by president of the propagandists – and one of the promoters of the NEOS movement, led by Mayor Oreja, and of the latest demonstrations against abortion and euthanasia–, Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza, and will be attended, among others, by one of the historians who have most fervently defended the virtues of the Valley of the Fallen (and attacked the Democratic Memory Law), Alberto Bárcenas, or the biographer of Benedict XVI, Peter Seewald.

Officially, the congress is convened "to honor the 95th anniversary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI," but no one is unaware that the program seeks to influence the doctrinal differences between the pontiff emeritus and his successor. In fact, the speech by Müller, who has warned on numerous occasions of the risk of schism, is entitled The Church and unity in the faith, while others will refer to relativism and the care that Ratzinger put in defending life , the family and the liturgy, some of the issues that serve as battering rams against Francis's enemies.

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