April 10, 2021

An air bridge between Spain and South America

An air bridge between Spain and South America

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas is a Spanish airline founded in 2011 by Julio Martínez and Fernando González. Although in September 2014 he received the first of the two Airbus A340-300, almost one year later, on July 17, 2015, he obtained the Air Operator Certificate, being the first Spanish company to obtain it under the new European regulation AIR OPS . A few days later, on August 4 of that same year, it started its operations under "wet lease / ACMI" regime, flying to the airports of Madrid, Tenerife, Caracas, Lima, Quito and Guayaquil.

However, already in the sixteenth century Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany, that is to say, the first king of the Spanish Empire, used the motto «Plus ultra» posing the challenge to merchants and sailors to cross the Gibraltarian border based on mythology Greek through the columns of Hercules that indicated: "non terrae plus ultra" (there is no earth beyond).

The then monarch encouraged them to look for possibilities on the other side of the ocean, a mythological belief that was eradicated after the discovery of the Americas in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. Thus, Plus Ultra has been and is the motto of the Spanish nation: an impulse to the challenge in search of new opportunities and possibility on the other side of the Atlantic.

With the aim of becoming a benchmark for Spanish aviation, Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas decided to recover the name of the Spanish Air Force seaplane that connected, for the first time, Europe with South America. The ship took off on January 22, 1926 from the Huelva town of Palos de la Frontera. It landed 20 days later, on February 10, 150 kilometers from Buenos Aires. A real feat, which has gone down in the history of aviation.

Today, the airline has two regular destinations: Lima (Peru), with three weekly frequencies, and Caracas (Venezuela); to which we should add the operations carried out under the "wet lease / ACMI" regime and that allow it to reach numerous destinations, national and international. Last January the company announced, on the eve of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur 2019) a new destination in Latin America with the opening of regular flights to Ecuador this summer. This route, which will start operating from next July 11, will have a direct flight between Madrid and Quito-Guayaquil, with three weekly frequencies on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The airline has set itself the priority mission to turn all its flights into a pleasure for travelers, making the fact that having paid a smaller amount of money for a ticket does not imply, under any circumstances, any consequence or impairment of passengers.

In this way, the airline has set a fundamental goal of customer loyalty, for which it will use an excellent service both in terms of security and attention, as well as frequency and comfort. «We want to be the best place of work desired. The kindness, support, companionship and teamwork will give place to dream not only with flying but with working with us so that others can fly and make their dream come true », they point out from the company.

Among the values ​​of the airline stand out, above all, passenger attention, seeking perfection in the smallest details and the biggest challenges; the service of excellence, pretending the satisfaction of the needs and the fulfillment of the expectations through a warm, personalized, responsible and reliable treatment; or innovation, as shown by avant-garde products in which the latest technology in the aeronautical industry is used to develop new solutions with which to set distances with respect to the competition and anticipate the demands of passengers.

In this sense, other values ​​very present in Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas are the leadership with which it seeks to mark the company with a common direction, training and motivating others to promote teamwork and implement the best work practices; the security in order to fulfill -professionally- the national and international air regulations for the transport of passengers and to work with rigor taking care of their integrity, and punctuality, having as a maximum the fulfillment of the schedules of departure and arrival of the flights that program .

Business structure

Aware of the value of the company and the delivery of its shareholders, Plus Ultra has a corporate corporate structure that focuses on defining and implementing responsible business policies and strategies, which are sustained and based on an ethical code, consistent with the values of the company itself that will determine the actions and results.

From Plus Ultra, they affirm that they want to be recognized both for their transparent and efficient management and for their commitment to customers, suppliers and workers; without neglecting, at any time, the achievement of satisfactory results for its shareholders and the responsibility and respect at environmental and social level, for which they advocate an action plan with which to integrate and improve the living conditions of society.


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