March 8, 2021

An 86-year-old man dies in La Rioja due to heat stroke

A man of 86 years, with previous pathologies, has died Thursday at the San Pedro Hospital in Logroño as a result of a heat stroke, the Government of La Rioja has detailed in a note.

This death by heat stroke is the second that occurs in recent days in La Rioja, after a woman of 90 years, also with previous pathologies, last June 30.

So far, in La Rioja, another 34 people have been treated for heat-related diseases, of which 27 have occurred in primary care centers and 7, specialized care.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has activated until tomorrow, Friday, level one low risk of the Plan for Alert, Prevention and Control of the effects of excess temperatures in La Rioja.

This plan, activated on June 1 and operational until next September 15, aims to reduce the impact of extreme heat temperatures on the health of the population of La Rioja with actions of surveillance, prevention and control of the effects of heat in morbidity and mortality.

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