March 6, 2021

An 11-year-old boy dies after being shot by a shotgun in Coín (Málaga)

An 11-year-old boy dies after being shot by a shotgun in Coín (Málaga)

An 11-year-old boy has died after being shot by a shotgun, apparently accidentally, in the town of Coín in Malaga, Efe sources of the 112 Andalusia emergency service reported Thursday.

The mayor of Coín, Francisco Santos, explained to Efe that the incident occurred when the child was playing with his 8-year-old brother with a shotgun that shot and hit the boy.

The councilor added that the children belong to a family of Portuguese origin who spent his Easter holidays in the apartment of some friends located in La Feria street, located in the center of the town.

The event occurred when procession parades were being held in the center of the municipality and caused alarm among those who attended these events when an ambulance was taken to the area to care for the child, Santos said.

Service 112 received, shortly before 22:50 hours last night, the first of several calls requesting assistance for a minor injured by the firing of a shotgun, according to the people who sounded the alarm.

Immediately, the coordinating center activated the Civil Guard, the Local Police and the Public Health Emergencies Company (EPES).

The health services confirmed 112 the death of the child and, according to the emergency services displaced to the place, everything indicates that it is an accidental event.


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