Amsterdam prevents tourist visits to the prostitutes of the Red Light District | Society

Amsterdam prevents tourist visits to the prostitutes of the Red Light District | Society

Amsterdam City Council has banned guided tours in the Red Light District, the downtown area where the prostitution business is concentrated. Although the measure will reach, to varying degrees, other points of the old town, it has been taken there "Out of respect for sex workers" . The majority is shown in the windows that have turned the place into a tourist attraction. Just what the Consistory wants to avoid. Disappear also the tours by the bars of the zone announced only to consume alcohol in all of them. The measure will take effect in January.

Guided walks through the Red Light District are advertised in all kinds of publicity related to the Dutch capital, but "at this moment, it is out of place to see prostitutes as entertainment for tourism," said Udo Kock, councilor for Finance. Last year, the City Council already stipulated that groups turn their backs on red windows that give name to the place, when they stopped to attend the explanations of the cicerone. Nor could they take pictures, look at them continuously or call them to the voices. Drinking during the walk was also prohibited. Again, it was about avoiding intimidation and reducing urban congestion.

By De Wallen (the walls, in Dutch) the official name of the district, spend more than a thousand weekly groups, according to municipal figures. At rush hour, they add up to 28 per hour, and both neighbors and prostitutes complain about noise and crowds. The new regulation has been imposed to see that the situation did not improve. In the rest of the streets of the city, groups can not exceed 15 people, and the guide must have the corresponding permission.

Although the groups will disappear from Red Neighborhood, tourists may be accompanied by an expert in any type of boat through the channels, upon payment of a rate of 66 cents. Since 2018 the same thing happens with coaches. To avoid the effect called and to increase again the volume of this type of fun, free rides have been ended. The authorization for the cicerone costs 100 euros. Those who operate without a license risk a fine of 190 euros. If the fraud is committed by a company, the penalty increases to 950 euros. In case of recidivism - three times at most - the permit is permanently withdrawn.


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