January 23, 2021

Amparanoia publishes ‘Himnosis colectivo’, a feminist and environmentalist album

An image of Amparo Sánchez, from Amparanoia.

An image of Amparo Sánchez, from Amparanoia.

He feminism and environmentalism is part of the DNA of Amparanoia, a long-standing artist who, true to herself, has just released ‘Himnosis colectivo’, a discounted cumbia, western, frontier rock, Caribbean reggae, progressive pop, electronic, Latin and urban rhythms.

Ten unreleased tracks that invite you to dance, to wake up and “to come out of hypnosis through songs with a definition and a purpose”, according to the artist.

‘My genetics’ is a hymn to the family,’ The day I don’t ‘, to time,’ I give you ‘, to balance,’ From beginning to end ‘, to forgiveness,’ Farewell ‘, to detachment,’ Centimeters ‘, to the wish,’ Now ‘, to the present,’ Perfect Cumbia ‘, to the struggle of women,’ Galiza tropical ‘, to organic farming and’ Tumbao lo bueno ‘, to gratitude.

Amparanoia revolutionized the music scene in 1997 with his acclaimed ‘El Poder de Machín’, and during his first professional stage he released several albums, such as “La vida te da” in 2005, and said goodbye with the ‘Bye Bye Tour 2008’.

In 2017 he reappeared with the album ‘El coro de mi gente’, in which colleagues from the music scene paid tribute by covering some of his most emblematic songs.

That same year he celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of the first album with ‘Welcome Tour’ and continued the following year with ‘No Me Olvides Tour’.

Amparo Sánchez has composed and produced ‘Himnosis Colectiva’ accompanied by her band, made up of Willy Fuego (guitar), Carmen Niño (bass), Angie Lofer (piano), Maylin Jojoy (drums) and José Alberto Varona (trumpet), and guests such as Xárate (percussion), Edu Espín Pacheco (flamenco guitar), Don Tomasino (trumpet), Ignacio Tapia Rodríguez (tuba), Fito Dongarra (accordion), Julián Saldarriaga (electric guitar) and Yeyo (backing vocals).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlos Díaz in Santa María de la Vega (Granada) between July and October 2020, the demos and recording have been made at Mamita Studio by Elena González as an assistant engineer. The design and graphic art of ‘Himnosis colectivo’ is the work of the Mexican studio from Oaxaca ‘Gran Om’.


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