Amor Romeira tells what happened between Aurah and Jesé before the alleged attempted hit

Amor Romeira uncovers the truth behind Aurah's alleged attempt to run over Jesé

Amor Romeira uncovers the truth behind Aurah’s alleged attempt to run over Jesé

To define everything that happens in the life of the UD Las Palmas player, Jesé Rodriguez, and the Canarian model, Aurah ruiz, the perfect phrase would be that of the reality show contestant Adara Molinero who says: “My mother, my mother, my mother!”.

The last 48 hours have been decisive to know if one of the most mediatic couples of the moment continued or not with a tortuous relationship that they have been sharing and publishing since it came to light that the canaries were back together a few months ago.

The bomb jumped when different media indicated that lThe couple starred in an incident last weekend on the outskirts of Gran Canaria Arena, where, according the program ‘El Partidazo de la COPE’ reported that “Jesé argued with his partner and she accidentally passed a car wheel. The end of the Las Palmas Sports Union he could have an injury to one of his feet. ”

The protagonists have been in charge of denying that there is a break in the couple but, on the contrary, they have preferred to remain silent about the reason That caused the notorious brawl that, in addition, the video has been viralized on social networks.

Given the great unknown that exists around the reason for the couple’s fight, the well-known Canarian collaborator, Love Romeira, has been in charge of clearing the ‘x’ and has revealed the true reason that caused the unpleasant disagreement between Rodríguez and Ruiz.

“They came a little folkloric”

Romeira, a native of Fuerteventura, has more than 450 thousand Instagram followers who are very used to being up to date on everything that happens around the famous of our country.

She is the creator of the acquaintances ‘Romeira Informative’, and within this fun section in which he mixes gossip and humor, Amor has a section dedicated to Canary lovebirds called Canary Passion.

The controversial gathering has uploaded a video to his Instagram profile to contar what has not yet been told about the fight between Aurah and Jesé.

“What really happened?” the collaborator began. “Aurah and Jesé got a little folkloric. As they came from having had their glasses “he recounted to then drop the bomb. “A woman approached Aurah and said:” I have in the car the jacket that you forgot at my son’s house. “This is heard by Jesé and begins to argue with Aurah and, in the middle of the concert, they begin to fight at the concert. ”

After telling this, Amor shares in the video what happened in the garage of the Gran Canaria Arena after broadcasting the video, in his particular informative. What’s more, Romeira goes a step further and says that she has spoken with Aurah and that this has denied the alleged outrage. “Aurah does admit that they argue because Jesé has no limits when it comes to going out and she keeps asking him to get in the car. Those are the cries that are heard, “says Amor.

Jesé’s silence

According to Amor Romeira, Aurah has given Jesé an ultimatum in which he asks for the following: “Either you go out to deny that I have run over you or on Thursday I will tell everything in MTMAD.”

Why doesn’t Jesé then come out to deny the truth then? According to Amor, the soccer player’s environment prefers to remain silent and It will be up to Aurah to tell or not what happened during a new fateful night for the couple.


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