Amnesty International denounces the laziness of the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the deaths in the residences

Amnesty International has denounced the poor performance of prosecution to clarify the more than 35,000 deaths of the elderly in residences during the first months of pandemic, that the majority are being archived even without the testimony of the relatives.

when they are fulfilled Two years after the detection of the first case of coronavirus in Spain, Amnesty together with relatives of victims have demanded that the parliamentary groups create a truth commission in Congress to analyze what happened in the residences during the pandemic, offer a response to the families and adopt recommendations so that it does not happen again.

Amnesty and relatives celebrate this Monday a symbolic act in front of the cauldron that was built as a tribute to the people who died during the pandemic in the Palacio de Cibeles, in Madrid.

Its director, Esteban Beltrán, has lamented that the "The lack of momentum in the investigations has extended impunity and hindered families' access to the truth."

The NGO denounces that 451 of the 517 investigations were archived by the prosecution "without a minimum effort to clarify what happened", almost 90% of the proceedings opened by the Public Ministry have not reached the courts, he denounces.

The victimsas they confess feeling abandoned and claim their right to know the truth.

"I have a right to know what was going on. They will not be able to return my mother to us, but something like that, which could have been avoided, we want it to never happen again", has pointed out Ana María, whose mother died at the Federica Montseny residence in Barcelona without having been transferred to the hospital. She has filed a private complaint with the court, which a year and a half later is still being processed.

After analyzing an investigation the complaints that affect more than a hundred residences in Madrid and Catalonia, Amnesty expresses its concern "over the lack of adequate mechanisms and procedures to find out the truth about what happened in the residences during the pandemic."

"The authorities have not complied with their obligation to thoroughly investigate violations of the right to life in residences, as required by International Human Rights Law", states the report. "The truth is not being guaranteed for the victims, impunity is spreading and, as a consequence, , an adequate repair of the damage caused will not be ensured, nor guarantees of non-repetition in the future", he adds.

The organization considers that most of the investigations carried out by the Prosecutor do not comply with the standards of human rights on completeness and effectiveness that allow the clarification of these deaths in the centers.

Before the archive of the investigations by the public ministry, it is the relatives who are presenting complaints or lawsuits in the courts, which are advancing unevenly and very slowly. In addition, Amnesty regrets that the investigative commissions in some autonomous parliaments have also been closed.

The only commission of inquiry that was currently underway, in Castile and Leon, it has also been closed recently when the courts were dissolved by the elections. In Catalonia the creation of a commission has been rejected and a group of experts has been proposed in its place. In Madrid, the call for elections also meant the closure of the Commission and its creation was not approved in the new legislature, the report states.

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