Ammunition for the war between Airbus and Boeing

Ammunition for the war between Airbus and Boeing

Neither Apple nor Facebook. Until yesterday, Boeing was a gold mine for any investor. The duopoly between the US aeronautical manufacturer and its European rival (Airbus), together with the take-off of the sector after 9/11 and the fall in oil prices, which made airline tickets cheaper, has turned it into an industrial company of all time in the star of Wall Street. In fact, in the last decade, its shares revalued by 1,173%, with an increase from 37.5 dollars in March 2009 to 440 dollars in early March. Airbus has not lagged behind in its constant fight with the American giant, which also manufactures aerospace rockets or missiles. Airbus was trading just four years ago at 40.52 euros the title. Their shares are sold right now at 114 euros, a revaluation of almost 300%.

Although both companies closed 2018 at par, with a record number of devices delivered in both cases, Airbus has suffered a severe setback with the cancellation of its "super jumbo" A380. The European aerospace manufacturer managed to reach the figure of 800 aircraft delivered in 2018, although it was not enough to beat the great rival, Boeing, who won for the sixth consecutive year in the battle to deliver the figure of 806 aircraft.

For the whole year, Boeing received 893 orders worth 143,000 million dollars (125,125 million euros), according to the price of the manufacturer's catalog. In addition, it recorded a new record of its 737 program, by increasing monthly production to 52 aircraft per month. Almost half of the 737 deliveries were from the MAX family, including the new MAX 9 version. In this way, the American manufacturer secured a production portfolio for seven years of manufacturing.

For its part, Airbus suffered a severe blow to its flagship model, the A380, by modifying its order Emirates, the main customer of the European company, which led to announce the cancellation of the manufacture of these devices for 2021.


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