March 4, 2021

American navies complete international maneuvers on the coast of Chile

Rear Admiral Donald Gabrielson, commander of the Fourth Fleet of the US Southern Command, who participated in Chile in the 2019 edition of Operation Unitas, said on Wednesday that the initiative served to address significant problems such as humanitarian assistance, disaster response natural and safety in the countries.

A similar opinion shared with journalists the captain of Fragata Jaime Montañez, commander of the "ARC Independiente" of the Colombian Navy, who sailed from the Naval Base of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) with his crew to participate in the exercise that was carried out since 1959 and in which naval units from five countries participated.

"There are many transnational threats and I think that Unitas has exercises to work on this new language, and it will always be important to have more helicopters and submarines from neighboring countries that can support us," said Montañez at the end of the activity that started last week. He also highlighted the role of these trainings in a globalized world.

In this same line, the captain of Corvette José Portal, Commander of the Maritime Patrol Boat "BAP Río Pativilca" of the Navy of Peru, said that the union that all countries must have in any crisis or situation "is essential. in a joint way with all nations. "

"Given such threats, it is necessary that the concept of unity be always present in this type of multinational programs, individual ones should not exist," said Portal.

Unitas 2019, organized by Chile, ended successfully this Wednesday, July 3 with the arrival at the port of Valparaiso of the participating units and a ceremony held on board the Chilean frigate "Almirante Williams", where the achievement of the goals was exposed proposals for the exercise.

Rear Admiral Yerko Marcic, commander-in-chief of the national squad of the Chilean Navy, commented that "we achieved all our objectives and we did not have to regret any accident, which is a sign that we did things right".

"We worked long before, three months of planning for nine days of exercise, because the number of variables we have for success is great," Marcic added.

The countries that participated in this opportunity with maritime units were the United States, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile, while officials from seven other countries did so as observers: Italy, Mexico, El Salvador, Turkey, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The next version of Unitas, for the year 2020, will be in charge of Ecuador, a country that will have to plan the next scenario in which the participating units will have to develop new maneuvers.

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