Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

American Airlines extends cancellations of flights on Boeing 737 until August

American Airlines extends cancellations of flights on Boeing 737 until August

The largest airline in the United States, American Airlines, announced on Sunday that it is once again extending the cancellations of its flights operated on Boeing 737 Max devices, this time until August 19, which will affect 115 daily flights.

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The CEO of American, Doug Parker, and its president, Robert Isom, told employees in a note made public by the company that they expect the Boeing 737 Max fleet to be certified again before August 19 by the authorities, but they preferred to be prudent.

"By extending our cancellations in the summer, we can more reliably plan the peak travel season and offer security to our customers and employees," executives said. "Once the Max is recertified," the airline will use it "as a replacement" to "supplement" its operations when necessary.

American announced a week ago that it would cancel its flights until June 5, but has now postponed that date and has increased the number of daily flights affected to 115, which nevertheless represent 1.5% of the daily total, indicates the note of this Sunday.

The fleet of the 737 Max remains paralyzed in some fifty countries, including the US, after doubts about its security emerged by the loss of Ethiopia, last March, and Indonesia, in October last year.

Failing to know the final report of the investigation, the preliminary information points in both cases to a technical failure of the flight control software and the company works on an update to mitigate it, after which the aircraft must be certified again by the authorities.

"We remain confident that the pending software updates, along with the new training elements that Boeing is developing for Max, will lead to recertification of the aircraft soon," American Airlines said.

The executives of the firm said they were "satisfied with the progress so far" of Boeing, which is known for its contact with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Transportation and the National Board of Transportation Safety.

American informed that not all the flights that were planned with 737 Max will be canceled, since some will be replaced by another airplane type, and some flights that had not been programmed with the 737 Max could be canceled if those routes are covered with unaffected devices. , but the goal is to "minimize the impact".

He also reiterated that the reservations team will contact customers directly by mail or telephone and there is the possibility of claiming the ticket money for the canceled flight if you do not want to change the reservation.

American Airlines is the second airline that operates the most 737 Max planes in the country, a total of 24, after Southwest Airlines, which has 34 and announced on Friday that it would cancel flights with that aircraft until August 5.

Meanwhile, Boeing reported on Thursday that it has completed 96 test flights with the 737 Max that includes the software update, and it is estimated that in the next two weeks deliver this improvement to the aviation authority for evaluation.


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