August 3, 2020

America, on alert for a quarantine cruise and local cases of COVID-19

The control of more than 100 passengers of a cruise ship where the first fatal victim was in California (USA), and that is now anchored in quarantine away from the coast of San Francisco, as well as confirmation this Thursday of the first two Local transmission cases in Brazil are the main concerns about the expansion of COVID-19 in America.

Beyond that in the United States today there were at least 14 new infections, including the first in Nevada and Tennessee, with at least 205 patients in 17 states and 11 deaths, attention is focused on the Grand Princess cruise, in which was a 71 year old man who died this Wednesday.

For this reason, the Princess Cruises company decided to shorten the route of the boat, which had to arrive with its 3,500 passengers at the weekend in San Francisco and is now docked away from the coast of that city under quarantine, to check about 100 people, including crew members, who had contact with the victim on a journey prior to their stopover in Mexico.

“The medical team on board will administer the test and the samples will be sent in batches by helicopter to a laboratory in Richmond, California,” the company confirmed Thursday, after authorities said a Coast Guard helicopter left those tests in the cruise.


Additionally, the authorities strive to find on the ground other passengers who might have contact with the deceased. The cruise departed on February 11 from San Francisco to Mexico and almost half of the Grand Princess passengers on this trip are California residents.

A resident of Sonoma County who was on that trip is hospitalized with the virus and would be the second infected to be aboard the Grand Princess, according to official sources.

Faced with this situation, and despite the fact that President Donald Trump minimized the threat of a disease that has already left more than 3,300 dead and 95,000 infected in 82 countries around the world, the Senate approved funds for up to 8,300 million dollars this day. dollars to face the spread of the virus.

This same Thursday, US Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the response of his Government to the health crisis, acknowledged that in the country there is not enough “coronavirus test” to meet the growing demand for the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, no new deaths were reported today across the continent.


The concern also affects various companies, particularly in the aviation sector, such as Southwest Airlines (-3.58%), which today announced that the results of the first quarter will have a “significant decline” and that its turnover will fall between 200 and 300 millions of dollars.

United Airlines (-13.44%), which has suspended most of its flights to China, South Korea and Italy (three of the countries most affected by the coronavirus), had already said Wednesday that it will cut its capacity in April 10% and 20% internal flights on international routes, at least until March.

Apart from the falls of the day on these two airlines, rivals United (-13.25%), Jetblue (-10.81%) and Delta (-7.20%) also suffered major setbacks.

Results that followed the trend of Wall Street, where its main indicator, the Dow Jones of Industrialists, lost 3.58% due to fear of the coronavirus, which also pushed the yield of the 10-year Treasury bond back to historical lows, which He reached 0.899%.


In South America, Brazil confirmed that those infected rose from four to eight, two of them the first to have been transmitted locally, cases that occurred in Sao Paulo in people who had a relationship with the first patient diagnosed with the disease in the country.

Given this, the Secretary of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health, Wanderson de Oliveira, emphasized that the coronavirus “is traceable.” “The virus does not circulate in Brazil. Patients are not being produced where we cannot identify the source,” he added.

Additionally, 3 new infected in Ecuador were announced for a total of 13, so the country will begin to demand from the next Tuesday to the passengers of Mexico, Spain and Brazil a “Declaration of Health of the Traveler”, and the fourth In Chile, the case of a 40-year-old who had traveled to Italy.

In Colombia, authorities revealed that President Iván Duque denied a diagnostic test for coronavirus after traveling to the US this week, where he participated in a conference in which some of the attendees had contact with “another person who was diagnosed “with that disease.

In addition to carrying out the same test to “the other members of the delegation”, including the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, and the Chancellor, Claudia Blum, the authorities determined that whoever wishes to enter the country will have to perform, from today , a “Preventive Control Against Coronavirus”.

Apart from the USA, Ecuador, Brazil and Chile, the coronavirus has left infections in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile and the Caribbean islands of San Bartolomé and San Martín (French side).


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