Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Amenábar accuses Citizens of opening “the doors to a far-right party”

Alejandro Amenábar, director of While the war lasts, tape with more nominations in the Goya Awards with a total of 17, he said Monday at the Film Academy that he does not like the representation that has obtained Vox at Congress in the past general elections.

Although he said he does not want to make "firewood from the fallen tree", criticized to Cs, that "it was the party that was supposed to bring fresh air to Spanish politics" and that, in his opinion, "has opened the doors to something that does not seem so fresh, as is a match from extreme right"

Anomaly in the Valley of the Fallen

The director, who opts for 16 awards, including those for best film and direction, with his film about the dialectical combat between Unamuno and Millán Astray at the University of Salamanca, said that “the presence of Franco in a place like the Valley of the Fallen was an anomaly in a state like Spain. ”

In addition, he stressed that its premiere last September and its permanence since then on the billboard has been “pure chance”, because its premiere was scheduled two years before, something that was not possible for reasons of “financing”.

Since then, While the war lasts It has remained in the top positions of the Spanish box office and so far has been seen by more than 1.8 million viewers and has raised around 10.6 million euros.

Amenábar, who competes among others for Best Direction, said that he has made "special illusion" the nomination for Best Original Music, underlining that "the greatest support" has been the "connection" with the public.

Compete with Almodóvar

As for the rivalry with the rest of the competitors in the most important categories, he said that for him it will be “an honor to compete with the rest of the nominees,” among them Pedro Almodóvar, who, he said, “has two Oscars”.

In addition, Amenábar said that he would like Pepa Flores, Goya de Honor 2020, to pick up the award.

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