July 8, 2020

Amcham of Nicaragua calls for the return of negotiations with the Government

The American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua (Amcham) asked the government on Wednesday to "continue the negotiations" to solve the local socio-political crisis, and that it was suspended by President Daniel Ortega last July 19.

"We urge the authorities to continue the negotiations," Amcham said in a statement in response to criticism issued by the Nicaraguan president last Friday, against the private sector.

Amcham called for negotiations "to re-establish the political system and guarantee free, fair and transparent elections in the shortest possible time."

The previous negotiations between the opposition and the Government, held from February to April, were aimed at overcoming the crisis, which has left hundreds of dead, prisoners and missing, thousands of wounded and tens of thousands of exiles.

The crisis broke out in April 2018 when an apparent majority of Nicaraguans requested the resignation of Ortega, by the hundreds of civilians killed in anti-government protests.

In these negotiations the opposition was represented mainly by the private sector, and the Government undertook to free the "political prisoners" and restore constitutional rights, such as free assembly, mobilization and expression, as well as freedom of the press, however only He complied with parole 620 convicted protesters.

Last Friday, in an act of state, Ortega, who refused a national dialogue last July, maintained his position of not accepting negotiations to solve the crisis, and directly criticized the private sector.

The president questioned the businessmen, for allegedly asking for exemptions and not paying taxes to have "great profits", and added the phrase "break!", Referring to investors who, he said, "wanted to destroy the economy" in 2018.

"An attack on the private sector is an attack on everyone (small and large)," Amcham president Mario Arana said today. "He apparently wants to intimidate the private sector," he added.

A first dialogue initiated in May 2018 failed two months later, when Ortega refused to comply with a series of agreements formed between his representatives and the opposition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy.

The agreements included respect for the Constitution and human rights, the disarmament of paramilitaries linked to the Government, among others.

At least 328 people have died in the framework of the Nicaraguan crisis, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which holds the Government responsible for the violence and signals it to commit crimes "against humanity."

Local humanitarian organizations have up to 651 fatalities, but Ortega recognizes 200 and argues defending himself against an alleged "coup d'etat" attempt.

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