‘Ambrosía’ wins the call for video creation of ‘Culture with Right (s)’

The creators Irene Valentín, Álex Leto, Víctor Jorge and Kevin Muñoz are the winners of the call for video creation of the project Culture with rights (s), with the video entitled Ambrosía. The prize, endowed with 1,000 euros, is delivered today, at 12 noon, at the headquarters of El Laboratorio.

This open contest was called last November, aimed at artists of all kinds linked to the video on the rights of creators. In this contest, the following data stand out as the most relevant of this process: more than 100 creators have contributed their vision, more than 4599 people reached by this call as an impact on Facebook.

Culture with rights (s) is a project, whose programming for the year 2020 ends today, that has mixed the artistic disciplines and the lives of creators with the Law that assists them. “Issue that is a pending issue in the Canary Islands, from where this call is launched and throughout the world,” indicates the organization. “Culture, as a sector, does not have the same rights – and those it does have are rarely respected – as other sectors. Demonstrating that this is the case, and creatively, through video creation, providing solutions is the objective of this cultural project ”.


Ambrosía was born from the contemporary art magazine The Cultural (The Cultural Bukkake, in its beginnings) as another way of communicating and disseminating art and culture. The format, created by its director, Victor Jorge, is a podcast also recorded with an image (to be broadcast on YouTube, the largest consumer platform for audiovisual products).

It is a completely informal format, practically without a script, although closely linked to the present, which crystallizes in ‘a podcast with a lot of humor in which art is discussed, in all its disciplines, and issues related to culture, where dialogues and discussions are held with an always critical and reflective vision.


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