June 21, 2021

Amazon workers resume the strike in full campaign of Reyes | Economy

Amazon workers resume the strike in full campaign of Reyes | Economy

The workers of the Amazon logistic center in San Fernando de Henares have resumed on Thursday stoppages, which were already called, in full campaign of Reyes to demand better work. For this Friday there are also stoppages called. The strike began on Wednesday at 10 o'clock at night. Douglas Harper, delegate of CC OO, explained that the participation data they handle at dawn are 60% and that they have reached 70% during the shifts this morning. According to this union delegate, there have been no notable incidents.

Amazon has not offered data about if there are delays in the delivery of their orders due to the stoppages called. "We hope to continue maintaining our commitments with customers during Christmas in Spain and throughout Europe," the company said in an email. The company asserts that, together with its customers, its employees are another of its priorities. "We offer good wages and working conditions, creating an attractive and pleasant workplace." The company explained that the minimum annual salary is more than 19,300 euros for its employees in the logistics center of Madrid and that they finance training programs.

Harper explains that the main reason for the strike is the decision of the company not to renew the agreement of the San Fernando center, the only one in Spain that has it, and replace it with the sectorial logistics agreement that exists for Madrid, which means a cut in working conditions. As a result of this conflict, workers began strikes in March 2018. They claim that their salaries are linked to the CPI and more coverage in case of loss. "There are job categories that have not been respected with the new agreement and workers who have lost up to 3.5000 euros per year of his salary, "Harper denounces. This union delegate says that their salaries have been devalued up to 1.2% as a result of the rise in the cost of living. "The company has not been willing to negotiate so that salaries do not lose purchasing power."

The unions say that it is foreseeable that there will be delays in deliveries as a result of the strike. "During the morning, no trucks have left the center," says Harper.

These stoppages are added to others previously made in the Amazon logistics center in San Fernando de Henares, the largest of the platforms that the giant of electronic commerce has in Spain and the first that opened in the country. CC OO and CGT have already called stops for Black Friday, on December 23 and 24, during the bridge of the Constitution, on December 7 and 9, and on December 15 and 30, and on the eve of Kings, the days 3 and 4 of January.


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