Amazon workers in Spain stop and warn that orders will be delayed

Amazon workers in Spain stop and warn that orders will be delayed

The workers of Amazon in the plant of San Fernando de Henares, the logistic center in Spain, carry out this afternoon a new day of strike to demand improvements labor, to the time that the unions have warned that some Christmas orders will be delayed.

The spokesman of CCOO of Amazon Spain, Douglas Harper, has warned to EFE that many of the orders of today "will not leave" and has warned that the commitment with the client of Amazon of which the packages would arrive before the 3 of January either it will be fulfilled since that day there will be a global strike that will affect all work shifts.

Today's stoppage refers to the afternoon shift, which will last until 12 o'clock at night, and affects about 400 workers, although most of them are hired by temporary employment agencies and according to Harper "the fear of supporting the strike and the pressure to not be renewed "could curb their participation.

Workers at the Amazon plant in Spain are demanding better wages and work-life balance as they accuse Amazon of having changed the company agreement by another sectoral one in a "unilateral" way to "cut rights" and eliminate linked wage supplements. to two of the professional categories that affect about 200 people.

In addition to the strike today, the employees have supported another five work stoppages: on November 23 and 24 on the occasion of "Black Friday", on December 7, 9 and 15, and those scheduled for January 3 and 4 are expected, eve of Kings.

Harper has insisted that they will continue to demonstrate until they agree with the management on working conditions that include, for example, that workers can reconcile the overtime worked by choosing between collecting or reducing their working hours or to be able to charge 100% of a contingency loss. common from the first day.

"We have to show our clients the conflict we live in and our working conditions," says the CCOO union delegate.

However, the company has recently pointed out that workers have a "competitive salary, a complete package of benefits and innovative training programs", and that they "pay 95% of the studies" for employees.

In addition, it has affected that it applies the wage levels of the regional logistics agreements to its employees and new hires, with an annual minimum salary in Madrid of more than 19,300 euros.

At the San Fernando de Henares plant, approximately 1,700 people work directly with Amazon, while another 600 are linked to temporary employment agencies.


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