March 4, 2021

Amazon will hire 200 employees in Madrid to develop the Kindle | Economy

The American e-commerce multinational Amazon has opened a selection process to cover 200 technological profile positions in its software development center in Madrid. The company led by Jeff Bezos will recruit a team to work in the Books and Kindle department, Amazon's brand of electronic reading devices. The goal is to improve the reading experience of books and other formats and the plan is for the 200 positions to be filled before the end of 2020.

As reported by the company in a statement, the new employees will be responsible for developing ideas for the Kindle device and for other departments related to reading. "The new team will create technologies that will help customers discover, buy and read their favorite books, articles and other formats," reads the note sent by the US company. Company sources point out that the developments will focus on reading and the experience of content consumption, not only in books.

The head of Amazon for Spain and Italy, Mariangela Marseglia highlights the "illusion" of the company "to see how ideas developed from Spain impact on the way in which customers read and access content around the world." "The functionalities developed by this new team will be available to customers around the world," notes Sherif Yacoub, vice president of content experience at Kindle, noting that the "mission" of the US giant is "to make each book, in every language, accessible to any reader, anywhere in the world and to help our clients read more and get more out of reading. "

The company includes a link ( in which candidates can send their application, although sources close to the company say that the 200 employees are expected to be working before the end of 2020. They will be added to the 270 workers with technological profile who already work in the two centers of Amazon software in Madrid, where new jobs will be destined, and Barcelona. The one in Madrid will be the third Amazon center dedicated to reading, after those of the US and India.

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