Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Amazon unions plan strike in full Black Friday

Amazon unions plan strike in full Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching and for the main champion of this commercial campaign, Amazon, it can be moved. Workers at the logistics center owned by the North American multinational in San Fernando de Henares are planning work stoppages and other mobilizations for Black Friday and the Christmas holidays due to "the company's lack of response to the worsening of working conditions" at the plant. The representative of CC OO in the center of San Fernando, Douglas K.Harper, has indicated to Europa Press that the workers have studied a labor calendar of protests but that has not yet been confirmed or ratified by the works council, although the possibilities that they go forward are "very high" and will be specified when the dates approach.

The Amazon plant in San Fernando de Henares has experienced a labor dispute since April 1, 2017. According to Harper, there was a change in the company's directive in Spain and a new agreement was approved "that caused a deterioration in the working conditions "of the workers. They complain, among other issues, that they have eliminated a category of specialist whose duties are now performed by a waiter, have reduced the salary of team leaders or that the losses due to common contingency are not paid 100% of the days of absence by " high absenteeism. " "Many people are going to come sick to work, with the risk that this entails for the rest of the employees," the unionist said. In front of all this, the unions are planning some protest campaigns taking into account the key dates of sale for the company, such as Black Friday and the Cybermonday at the end of November for the bargains and big discounts on the price of products and services. Christmas parties and Kings for traditional gifts. "We are going to repeat the type of mobilizations that we have been doing since March, with strike days, rallies and demonstrations at various public events that we will attend," said the Amazon representative in San Fernando de Henares, a plant that controls almost half of the company's logistics in Spain.

Despite the cost that it may have for the company, Harper believes that the strike will not have much impact among users, since in these cases tend to derive logistics to other international centers. "Amazon has no borders. It also boasts that it is the most customer-focused company in the world. If this is the case, even if it is more expensive and you lose money, you will send the product to the client as it is, "he explained.

From Amazon Spain they have explained to Europa Press that he has not received any official notification about the strike days, so they can not comment on it. They also bet on maintaining an open and direct dialogue with our employees. "We have created more than 2,000 permanent jobs in Spain since 2011. These jobs have a competitive salary, a full package of benefits and innovative training programs such as Career Choice, which funds 95% of the studies for our employees. We encourage anyone to come see it for himself by touring at one of our logistics centers, "they said.


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