April 21, 2021

Amazon triples its profits in 2018 and earns 10,073 million net dollars

Amazon triples its profits in 2018 and earns 10,073 million net dollars

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The electronic commerce giant Amazon has published its financial results corresponding to the whole of its fiscal year 2018, in which tripled its profits over the previous year, reaching 10,073 million net dollars.

Specifically, between January and December of last year, the multinational based in Seattle (Washington, USA) has entered 232.887 million, 31% more than the 177.866 million billed a year before, while investors earned $ 20.14 per share, compared to 6.15 in 2017.

Even though internet sales are still Amazon's main business, its cloud computing service, Amazon Web Services, considered strategic for the future by the company, was the fastest growing, with quarterly increases of between 46 and 49% throughout the year.

The firm led by Jeff Bezos has achieved operating results (before interest and taxes) of 12,421 million, which meant tripling the 4,106 achieved in 2017. By markets, the company's sales in North America have grown by 33% during the past twelve months, while in the rest of the world it has grown by 21%.

Christmas campaign

As for the results of the last quarter, which has included the Christmas campaign, the Seattle firm has earned 3,027 million dollars, above the 1,856 million profits of the previous Christmas. Between October and December, Amazon has sold worth 72,383 million, 20% more; and shareholders have taken profits of 6.04 dollars per share, compared to 3.75 in the same period of the previous year.

"Alexa (Amazon's virtual assistant) was very busy during Christmas. Echo Dot (the physical device from which Alexa interacts) was the best-selling product of the entire Amazon offer on a global level, "the founder and CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, has been informed during the presentation of the accounts.

The good results of the company, however, did not convince investors on Wall Street, and Amazon shares were down 0.8% to $ 1,704.01 by title in the electronic operations after the closing of the New York markets.


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