Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Amazon Studios justifies the cancellation of its professional agreement with Woody Allen

Amazon Studios justifica la cancelación de su acuerdo profesional con Woody Allen

Amazon Studios has justified the cancellation of the agreement he had with director Woody Allen to release his latest film A rainy day in New York and to make three other films, according to the BBC. A statement by Dylan Farrow, the adoptive daughter of the New York filmmaker, who resumed the alleged sexual abuse to which Allen submitted, in full effervescence of the #Metoo movement, made a dent in the top management of Amazon Studios, which preferred to break any kind of relationship professional with the author of Manhattan or Hannah and her sisters.

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Allen, meanwhile, filed a lawsuit against the company before the Manhattan district court for breach of contract. "Amazon has tried to justify with references the unfounded accusation of a 25-year-old girl against Mr. Allen but it was already known by Amazon (and by the public) before signing the agreement for four films. It does not give any basis to terminate the contract, "said the statement of the filmmaker. Dylan, daughter of the director and Mia Farrow, has defended many times that the filmmaker sexually abused her in 1992, when she was a girl, something that the filmmaker has always denied.

Allen filed suit against the company before the Manhattan district court for breach of contract

In spite of these disagreements and the ninguneo that has suffered since then, the certain thing is that Woody Allen also counts on the support of industralists like Jaume Roures. The sole administrator of the Mediapro Studios group will produce the director's new production, which will be put back behind the camera this summer to shoot in locations in the Basque Country, especially in San Sebastian.

Allen will return to shoot this summer in the Basque Country in a production of Mediapro Studios

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