Amazon signs an agreement with Neil Gaiman to produce new series | TV

Amazon Studios announced today that it has reached an agreement with British writer Neil Gaiman to produce new series that will premiere through the online Amazon Prime Video service in more than 200 countries. The audiovisual subsidiary of the American firm Amazon also informed that it has given the green light to the filming of the action and fantasy series The wheel of time, based on Robert Jordan's bestselling novels.

"Neil Gaiman is an incredibly talented writer who creates captivating, multidimensional and narratively unique worlds," Jennifer Salke, CEO of Amazon Studios, said in a statement after a presentation of the platform's novelties in London. Gaiman, author of the novel American Gods, awarded the Hugo prize in 2002, and creator of the Amazon series Good OmensHe said that his experience working with the company has led him to expand his collaboration. "They are intelligent, incredibly enthusiastic people who were not afraid of 'Good Omens' being different and who were determined as I was to do something as unique and exciting as we have done it," the writer said.

On the other hand, Amazon Studios will collaborate with Sony Pictures Television in the filming of The wheel of time, a fantasy story located in a world where magic exists, but only women can make use of it. "We have felt irremediably attracted by his timely narrative, which shows powerful women in their essence," said Salke, for whom the success of the literary saga of Robert Jordan, which has sold more than 90 million books in the world, demonstrates that the story "connects" with the audience.

Amazon Studios also unveiled plans to produce a 10-episode contest that will face international competitors in a "tough race" of resistance, the Eco-Challenge 2019. Participants will form teams of four and "will have to fight against natural elements and between themselves 24 hours a day, "the firm said.

"Using the latest film techniques, Eco-Challenge 2019 will test the limits of human physical and mental resistance in the most inhospitable natural places on earth," Amazon Studios said. It has also received the approval of the company filming the first season of the family entertainment series Bibi & Tina, based on the character of a teenage witch (Bibi) and her best friend (Tina). The series will reflect themes such as "the value of friendship, family, trust, tolerance, ecology and sustainability," Amazon Studios said.


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