April 22, 2021

Amazon launches two own brands of furniture

Amazon launches two own brands of furniture

Amazon has never hidden its vocation to become a global company not only from a geographical point of view but also from the operational one. And little by little it advances in its objective of becoming the store that has everything. The giant of the electronic commerce, in what supposes a clear challenge to Ikea, has announced today the launching of own marks of furniture, Movian and Alkove, which add to the own range of furniture of home available in Amazon.es, which offers pieces for the living room, dining room, bedroom and other rooms, as reported by the company of Jeff Bezos. With these two lines of interior decoration, Amazon says it aims to give "a fresh air to the home with versatile pieces that adapt perfectly to different lifestyles." The objective of the multinational is to introduce little by little into these brands lighting articles, accessories and textiles.

Movian, according to Amazon, offers a "flexible and practical collection of modern furniture inspired by Scandinavia". From a minimalist single bedup to a Japanese-inspired design wardrobe, the product range includes trend furniture for every stay of the home. Alkove is a high-end brand for customers "looking for high quality materials and design", according to Amazon. The brand offers a superior quality collection with sophisticated key pieces.

With this movement, Amazon continues to expand its range of own brands, after having its own fashion lines such as "Find", "Iris & Lilly" or "Truth & Fable", among others, or "Amazon Basics", which includes technology products and the household, in addition to the introduction of their first food products in the Spanish market, as well as their entry into the category of food, pet food or the launch in Spain of their "Wedding List" service.


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