July 27, 2021

Amazon launches a payment system by recharging physical facilities

Amazon launches a payment system by recharging physical facilities


Amazon has launched a new service that allows users to pay for purchases on the platform without the need to use credit or debit cards through a system of recharges in physical establishments and that currently has 50,000 associates, between kiosks, bars or tobacconists.

To use Amazon Recharges in Store, the user will have to go to one of said points of sale and show a unique barcode or provide the phone number associated to your account. Next, he will pay the dependent the amount he wants to recharge and the money will appear in his balance of Amazon.es gift checks to make all kinds of purchases.

When the operation is completed, the customer delivers a receipt to the customer, and the balance of the gift certificate is already available to make purchases at Amazon.es immediately. In addition, you will receive a notification of confirmation of the operation in your email or mobile phone linked to your account.

Alternatively, Customers can also acquire a PIN code, for an amount of between 10 and 100 hundred euros in certain points of sale, including the more than 20,000 establishments of the ONCE. In this case, the client must keep the receipt and exchange the code in amazon.es/canjear-cheque-regalo.


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