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Amazon Kindle renueva su lector Paperwhite.

Amazon has presented on Tuesday theImproved version of Kindle Paperwhite, the e-book reader ('eReader') developed by the e-commerce giant, a renewal of the 2015 Paperwhite thatintegrates a fifth LED spotlight on the screen, doubles the basic storage capacity up to 8GB and optimizes its batteryto achieve a duration of up to six weeks.

Eleven years after the launch of the first Kindle device and eight years after the arrival of the first Paperwhite, Amazon introduces improvements in the reading experience with features that improve the brightness of the reader, such as changing the contrast of the screen between black and white. white, as the company has explained.

The new Paperwhite maintains the 6-inch screen of its predecessor, with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. However,the luminosity of the device has become more uniformby incorporating five LED spotlights, one more than in the 2015 version. This also increases its brightness range by 10% to offer a good display with both sunlight and dim light.

The head of Amazon Kindle content for Spain, Betty Argilés, has explained, in a meeting with the press, that the new 'eReader' manages to double the storage capacity of the previous one, since it has a basic version of 8GB, compared to the 4GB of memory of its predecessor. Further,a 32GB version will also be released.. Both will have Wi-Fi connection, while the higher-end Paperwhite will also have aversion with 3G connection.

The new device includes a feature that allows to optimize the battery and improve it, since, as Argilés has pointed out, "with a single charge the battery lasts up to six weeks in normal reading"The reading experience has also been improved by creating 'user profiles' that can be customized by the user, which are used to configure certain screen and font characteristics depending on the context and the reading situation.

Aesthetically, the new version of Kindle Paperwhite has a flatter front, is 10% thinner than the 2015 version (8.18mm thick) and has a weight of 182 grams. Like its predecessor, this reader is water resistant with a degree of protection IPX8, soYou can submerge up to two meters for one hour.

Improvements also in the library

Along with the device, Amazon Kindle has announced that it also improves its library to help search, by redesigning its home screen and addingpersonalized recommendations based on the user's activity and tastesinside the Kindle virtual library. To this are added the 'fan facts', interesting facts about recognized works that are placed below the suggestions on the home screen.

The 8GB version of the new Kindle Paperwhite will cost 129.99 euros, and is available in pre-order from Tuesday, although it will begin to be distributed on November 7. For its part, the model with 32GB will have a price of 159.99 euros (229.99 euros with 3G), and will reach the market later.


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