July 23, 2021

Amazon Internet: Amazon aspires to be ubiquitous | Technology

Amazon Internet: Amazon aspires to be ubiquitous | Technology

Not content with monopolizing most Internet commerce through computers and mobile devices, the multinational Amazon has already advanced in the conquest of television and has taken a huge step to reach the world through any machine. The giant wants to be truly global and anticipate the Internet of Things, which in the near future will allow the refrigerator to make the purchase, the washer will be programmed according to the weather outside, the air conditioning system of the house anticipate the arrival of the user, the connection from an airplane in any place of the world or to the car to buy a component that will need in the next days and even to propose alternative itineraries based on the traffic.

Iridium Communications, a company that has 66 satellite constellations, and Amazon Web Services have confirmed an alliance to jointly develop a space network called CloudConnect for Internet of Things applications. It will be operational next year.

"We cover the entire planet while the terrestrial network only reaches 20%", has justified the general director of Iridium, Matt Desch. The key to the alliance is to make globalization real and that all companies and users that operate through Amazon "speak the same language", so operations will be fluid, safer, faster and more efficient.

"We will focus where the mobile does not reach to bring Amazon to the whole world," said Desch while the company's shares rose 7% after the announcement of the agreement with Amazon.

The alliance of the companies intends, as Iridium has confirmed, to extend the speed of broadband communications by land, sea and air. In addition, the Internet of Things (the interaction of any household appliance, vehicle and machinery through the Network) will be key in the growth of subscribers of services.

The service of both companies will reach 80% of the planet that now lacks connection to the mobile and will facilitate the interconnection between all the devices, which they expect to reach 75 billion in 2025, according to IHSMarkit, with an annual growth of 20%.

"Iridium CloudConnect will completely change the speed at which a satellite for the Internet of Things resolves a demand and will allow Amazon users to stay on the same network, while rapidly expanding coverage possibilities," explains the Iridium executive. . "Costs will go down, purchase times will accelerate, risks will be reduced and Amazon customers will enjoy a global connection," he summarizes.

In the same line, the Spanish satellite communications operator Hispasat has already operational the satellite Amazon 5 to bring broadband to rural or hard-to-reach areas of Mexico. The Spanish company has seven beams of coverage over the North American country in the frequency band Ka, which offers greater power in communications at lower connection prices, according to the company.

Bezos bet on space

The bet by the space of the tycoon owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is firm. This Wednesday he announced that Blue Origin, his aerospace company, is in the phase of "conceptual design" of a lunar shuttle that allows round trips for the exploitation of the resources of the Earth's satellite.

Bezos considers that the main problem of the exploitation of space is the high cost of singular missions of a single road and that the development of technology that allows the reuse of devices will make the programs cheaper.

This firm commitment to this industry has already translated into the choice of the LOX / LNG BE-4 engines of your company by the United Launch Alliance for its rockets Vulcan.

The race has also joined the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin who designs a shuttle for four astronauts between a satellite located in the orbit of the Moon (the future platform Gateway) and the surface of it.


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