May 16, 2021

Amazon employees refuse to create their first union in the US

The workers of a warehouse of the multinational e-commerce Amazon in Alabama have rejected the creation of what would have been the first union of workers of the company in the United States, according to the public vote count, in which the “no” was imposed to “yes” by a vast majority.

In this way, of the 3,215 votes cast, the ballots against already exceed more than half – 1,798 -, according to the vote, which has been public.

The final results have not yet been certified by the US National Labor Relations Board, and unionists still have the option of raising a legal battle if they believe there have been irregularities in the process.

From what it could have been pioneering, the vote was widely followed throughout the country, and even the US president, Democrat Joe Biden, implicitly alluded to this case when he made a fierce public defense of the unions in early March and the right to organize.


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