July 14, 2020

Amazon employees in the US stop to ask for more protection against COVID-19

Some employees of Amazon and other US home delivery companies This Friday they staged a temporary stoppage of the activity to protest security measures before the COVID-19 that they consider insufficient and ask for greater protection.

Coinciding with May Day, “thousands” of Amazon workers in the US, according to protest organizers, stopped working for a few hours on Friday and left their posts to protest their working conditions.

They were joined by employees of the Whole Foods supermarket chain (owned by Amazon), Target department store, Walmart supermarkets, and the delivery and delivery companies FedEx and Instacart.

These are mostly warehouse workers or delivery people whose jobs have gained great importance as a result of the confinement measures decreed by the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Workers ask for actions such as cleaning thoroughly, as in the case of the vehicles they operate, or for those facilities where cases of coronavirus are detected to be closed for fourteen days.

Amazon has seen an unprecedented increase in its business since the coronavirus pandemic broke out and governments around the world enacted orders of confinement and social distancing, which has forced the closure of physical stores and has eliminated much of the competition. of the digital platform.

In the United States alone, the Seattle (Washington state) company has already recruited 100,000 new workers in recent weeks to respond to the increase in demand and has announced the hiring of another 75,000.

In parallel, the company has been embroiled in controversy over public complaints by several of its employees that it does not guarantee enough in their safety and health, and has been criticized for firing or retaliating against several of these employees. .

These cases, coupled with the fact that COVID-19 infections have occurred in at least 74 stores and other Amazon facilities in the US, have led several congressmen to write a letter to the company asking for explanations, and to the mayor. York, Bill de Blasio, to order the opening of an investigation into the firing of a worker who organized a protest in a firm’s warehouse.


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