Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Amazon creates 3,200 jobs in 2018 and triples staff in Spain

Amazon crea 3.200 empleos en 2018 y triplica plantilla en España

Amazon created more than 3,200 jobs fixed in Spain in 2018, which tripled its fixed staff to place it in 4,800 workers, as reported by the multinational Wednesday in a statement.

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The figures also reveal that the e-commerce giant doubled its job creation forecast for 2018, originally of 1,600 jobs. The company explains that the increase is due to "the strong demand from customers and small businesses that use the services of the platform."

Logistic centers

The bulk of the jobs were generated in Madrid and Barcelona

The jobs created include positions for people of different profiles, levels of training and skills. From engineers and developers software to positions of initial level in warehouse, according to the company.

Many of them were generated in Madrid, where the corporate office of Amazon is located (with more than 1,000 employees), as well as the logistics centers of San Fernando de Henares Y Getafe. Also in Barcelona, where in 2018 it opened a sales support center Y a technology center, and where the logistics centers of The Prat of Llobregat Y Martorelles. Jobs have also been created in the eight logistics stations that the company has spread throughout Spain.

Amazon has invested more than 1,100 million euros in its operations in the national territory since 2011.

Logistics center of Amazon in Castellbisbal

Logistics center of Amazon in Castellbisbal
(Llibert Teixidó)


The salary in logistics centers is close to 20,000 euros

On the other hand, the minimum annual salary that it offers to the employees of its logistics centers does not reach 20,000 euros. Specifically, Amazon has specified that they are just over 19,300 euros, both in Madrid like in Barcelona, the two regions where the majority of its employees are located.

A figure that divided into fourteen payments translates into an average monthly salary of about 1,400 euros.

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