Amazon covers 7.5% of online sales in Spain

Amazon covers 7.5% of online sales in Spain


Amazon currently represents 7.5% of sales 'online' and is positioned as the main 'marketplace' in Spain ahead of El Corte Ingles, AliExpress, eBay or Zara, according to data from the consultancy Tandem.

In particular, the 'marketplaces' have become the favorite place for millions of people when buying any type of product. A) Yes, one in five purchases they are concentrated in five sales portals such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, El Corte Inglés and Carrefour.

The US e-commerce giant leads the ranking of Internet sales in Spain ahead of China's AliExpress and eBay. "Any company or business that wants to sell 'online' has to bet on the 'marketplaces' to reach a greater number of customers and, in this, there is no one like Amazon. From Spain you can offer your product in the 28 countries of the EU through Amazon, and all without leaving this platform », explained the CEO of Tandem, Monica Casal.

In this way, 87% of Internet users will choose one of these 'marketplaces' to buy your Christmas gifts, since in Spain average of 3.8 'marketplaces' are used, being one of the countries with a higher level of acceptance of this type of portals.

In addition, these platforms are also used to inform themselves, through descriptions, opinions and images of customer purchases. Specifically, two of every three Internet users consider the 'marketplaces' as their main source of information to buy online.

The report shows that the price it is no longer an advantage differential when buying in the 'marketplaces', compared to other types of websites, since the depth of the catalog and the comfort at the time of making different purchases of products are valued.


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