Amazon advances in its entry into the Canary Islands through its subsidiary of cloud solutions services

Amazon advances in its entry into the Canary Islands through its subsidiary of cloud solutions services

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, together with the directors of AWS, yesterday. / C7

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is already working in the Canary Islands with Dinosol, seeks to grow in the archipelago both privately and publicly. With this objective, he meets with the president, Ángel Víctor Torres.

Silvia Fernandez

The subsidiary of the e-commerce 'giant' Amazon of
sale of cloud technology Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to grow in the Canary Islands hand in hand with the distribution sector.

AWS is dedicated to offering both private companies and institutions different technological solutions that have to do with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, databases, analytics, virtual and augmented reality, among others.

In fact, for more than a year
already works with the Canarian group Dinosolwhich it has helped to implement a database and analysis system that allows knowing the behavior of buyers and improving their shopping experience.

It also helped him develop his online sales platform, which has allowed him to increase his sales in this channel.

His interest will grow in this segment on the island and in all those in which he has
chanceincluding at the institutional level.

That is why AWS directors took advantage of yesterday's visit to the Canary Islands, in order to hold various business meetings, to meet with the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres.

On behalf of AWS, he traveled to the islands on
Director of Public Sector of Europe of Amazon, Cameron Brooks, among other executives.

“In the meeting, ways of collaboration have been explored to see how cloud technology can help both public and private companies in the Canary Islands,” AWS sources said yesterday.

The objective of AWS, according to these sources, is that Canarian companies "can grow, save costs and launch new services for their clients."

AWS already works in different autonomous communitieswith which they work on issues related to education such as the training of personnel in cloud technology, which is currently a highly demanded activity.

In another area, according to these sources, it works on artificial intelligence with the Ministry of Agriculture for the detection of fires in the summer.

“We have numerous projects and
Brooks' visit was to see possible ways of collaboration», he indicated.

For his part, Torres highlighted the key moment that the Canary Islands are experiencing for their technological future, and their commitment to digitization and innovation for the diversification and sustainability of the economy, according to the Presidency of the Government.

From Amazon Spain, the AWS parent company yesterday insisted that at the moment there are no plans to land in the Canary Islands with the opening of a logistics center.

AWS's visit coincides with one of the times when
Amazon shipments to the Canary Islands are experiencing greater difficulties.

Amazon has started shipping to the islands with a carrier called Kerry Ecommerce and the packages aren't making it to their destination.

In addition, as pointed out by Víctor López, administrator of the Facebook group 'Autodespacho Canarias, simplify customs and import procedures' -which is the place for advice and recommendations for island users of electronic commerce on the islands in the face of so many difficulties-, there are hundreds of affected and Amazon is not replacing the purchase. There are also still problems with the IGIC and Post Office collections. "From bad to worse," says López.

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