January 25, 2021

Amazing Bluetooth Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard

New amazing technology brings you an unbreakable keyboard! Spill a drink and it never breaks!

We have all been there at some point. A little drink, knocked over the keyboard, ruining your device. Lets face it, keyboards even without a drink spillage never seem to last. Keys stop working, preventing you from enjoying full functionality of your laptop or PC. A new technology has produced a projector keyboard that is unbreakable! Connect this nifty device to your phone, tab, laptop or PC and never worry about spilling a drink or keys malfunctioning!

Using state of the art projection and censors, the keyboard is projected onto any table, even the floor, anywhere, as long as it is a flat surface, it simply works. Once you use this amazing device you will probably never go back to the default keyboard. Not only does it look great, it functions perfectly with any bluetooth device. Add a fully functioning keyboard to your phone or just use it as a replacement to your default keyboard. Portable with a rechargeable battery, you can take it anywhere. Sit by the pool and not worry about water splashing over the keys, take it to the pub and drink spillage is not a problem any more!

If you have had a broken keyboard before, you will know that they can be expensive to replace or you could go down the cheap route, a keyboard could cost as little as €10, however, chances are they don’t last. A projector keyboard is guaranteed to last, there are no mechanical functions under any of the keys. It is although you are typing on a space age device from the far future! However it is available right now for as little as €35 from That’s So Nifty, click here to buy now!

So if you are worried about spilling drinks on your keyboard or have to find a good replacement, grab one of the most amazing keyboards you will ever use and never worry about losing typing functions on your laptop. Add a keyboard to any device, working with bluetooth or USB, compatible with anything!