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Amancio Ortega, his daughter Sandra and Rafael del Pino, the three biggest fortunes of Spain – La Provincia

The founder of Inditex,Amancio Ortega, remains the first fortune of Spain, with a capital of more than 63,000 million euros, followed by his daughterSandra Ortegaand the president of Ferrovial,Rafael del Pino. The three lead the list of100 great national fortunes made by the magazine 'Forbes'.

One more year, the'Forbes' listSpanish is headed by the owner of 60% of Inditex, whose fortune, 5,000 million higher than that of 2018, is equivalent to that of the following 43 millionaires.

In fact, this week Ortega has expanded his fortune by charging 813 million euros for thelast pay of the yearthatwill pay Inditex to its shareholders, with what the founder of the Galician company raises to 1,626 million euros what he has received this year in dividends of the firm.

Hefounder of Inditexmaintains its investment strategy in real estate assets whose net worth is estimated at 7.5 billion. In addition, the price of Inditex has recovered to reach more than 87,000 million euros.

Behind ofOrtega, his daughter Sandra, with a fortune of 6,000 million euros, and the president of Ferrovial,Rafael del Pino, which, with more than 4,000 million euros, advances the president of Iberostar,Miguel Fluxá(3,000 million), and the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig, who descends to fifth place with 2,700 million euros.

HeFerrovial's first shareholderIt has increased its fortune by 1,100 million more during the last year, which is equivalent to three million euros per day.

In total, the wealth of the 100 fortunes of Spain in 2019 amounts to 148.2 billion euros, 1% more than in 2018. In addition, theFirst 5 fortunes on the listThey add up to 78.8 billion and account for 50.3% of the total wealth of those included in the list.

For its part, the president ofSantander Bank,Ana Botín, jumps from the main list of the 100 richest, since his fortune suffers by 100 million due to the decline in the value of the entity's shares, according to Forbes.

26 women among the 100 fortunes

As for the gender division, this year's Forbes list includes among the one hundred fortunes of Spain 26 women, who accumulate an average of 900 million euros, withSandra Ortegain front.Alice KoplowitzYMaría del Pino Calvo-Sotelo, eighth and tenth place in the list with 2,000 and 1,700 million euros, complete the 'top 3'.

In addition, this latest edition includes the incorporation of six women who hold positions of responsibility in reference companies, such as:sisters Alicia and Mercedes Daurella(position 51),Coca-Cola Iberian Partners shareholders;Liliana Godía Guardiola(57),Naturgy shareholder;Carlota Galán Ruiz(65),shareholder of El Corte Inglés; thesisters Magdalena and María Canivell(84),Grifols shareholders;Aurelia Carulla(93)of Agrolimen and Montserrat Grifols(94),Grifols shareholder.

Touched by the 'brexit'

AccordingForbes, the great fortunes with interests inUnited Kingdomthey could lose part of their wealth due in large part to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the pound with the euro. This is the case of Daniel Maté, shareholder of Glencore, who occupies the thirteenth position with 1.6 billion euros and has seen his fortune decline by 455 million since 2018.

For its part, thefortune of the Cosmen brothers, shareholders of the British National Express Group, is valued at 590 million compared to the 725 million they recorded in 2018. Their shares are quoted in pounds, which are now worth less, and in exchange they receive less euros for their dividends in pounds.

Madrid concentrates the largest number of rich

In thelast years, the country's biggest fortunes have displaced their residence and also the headquarters of their 'holding companies' to cities other than the place of origin, which has made Madrid the community that attracts the most companies and wealth to its autonomy, 45 in total, totaling 32,000 million euros. A good part come from Catalonia, the Basque Country, Murcia, Castilla y León and Asturias.

The 'top 3' of the richest in Madrid form itRafael Del Pino, the president of Torreal,Juan Abelló, with 2,200 million euros, andAlice Koplowitzwith 2,000 million euros.

With19.6 billion accumulated wealth, Catalonia is among the communities most affected by the movement of fortunes. Cantabria, Murcia, Castilla y León, Valencian Community or the Basque Country have also been influenced by this movement.

Instead,the autonomies that retain wealth are Galicia, Aragon, Balearic and Canary Islands, while Extremadura, Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha and La RiojaThey have no representative among the 100 richest.

Julio Iglesias, the only artist on the list

In addition to entrepreneurs, the Forbes list also includes the fortunes of people from the world of culture, music or sports. This last ranking keeps Julio Iglesias as the only artist on the list, with 800 million euros, despite falling from 34 to 37.

Outside the ranking are some of the athletes such as Mallorcan tennis player Rafael Nadal, with 225 million euros, or the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, with 180 million euros.

The 2019 list is closed by Wolfgang Kiessling, promoter of Loro Parque, with 270 million euros. The German businessman, based in the Canary Islands, has fallen on the table due to the bad prospects of the tourism sector due to the 'Brexit' and the Thomas Cook crisis.

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