September 23, 2020

Amancio Ortega grants the academic excellence of a student from Gran Canaria – La Provincia

Desirée Nahdi, student of the fourth year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) at the IES Antonio Godoy Sosa, located in the neighborhood of Tamaraceite from the capital of Gran Canaria, it has been one of the eight graced students in the Islands – and one of the 600 in the state as a whole – with one of the grants from the Amancio Ortega Foundation. This aid allows young people to move to the United States or Canada the next academic year, with all expenses covered, to study high school first. “On January 29, I knew that I had been one of the lucky ones. I did not expect it at all, so I was not long in calling all my friends to tell them the news,” Nahdi details with emotion.

The United States will be the destination of this student, who has obtained a 9.3 grade point average in the selection process. The figure is the result of taking into account family income, the average grade recorded in the previous course -8.5-, and that achieved in an oral and written test of English. “The truth is that it has not seemed very difficult to me. I have a very solid base of English and I had no problems to handle myself,” he says. A level, which he confesses, has achieved on his own merits, reading books in this language and viewing movies and series. Now, it will be perfected thanks to the ten months he will spend in the American country with an exchange family. “Languages ​​can open many job doors in the future, and English, in particular, is essential for this purpose,” he says.

According to this 15-year-old girl, she must move to the city assigned to her between the end of August and the beginning of next September. He is not in a hurry or opts for a specific state, but acknowledges being anxious to experience new experiences. “Not only do I intend to learn, I would also like to make new friends and have very good memories of the experiences when I return to Gran Canaria. I am very excited, because I will be able to know another culture and live with people who will teach me many things,” he emphasizes.

But that’s not all, since IES student Antonio Godoy is very clear that being away from her family will help her to develop her autonomy as well. “It is not the same to be close to your whole environment, to have to be alone in an unknown country. This, in some way or another, will make me more independent,” he says firmly. “These scholarships,” he continues, “mean a lot to people who can’t afford to live a year out.”

The truth is that the news was a reason for joy in the educational center where Desirée Nahdi is currently studying. To this we must add the pride felt by her parents and teachers, who did not hesitate to congratulate her since they knew she had been one of the few people selected in the Archipelago. “Everyone is very happy. Now, I just want to enjoy these months with my family and friends, and when the time comes to catch the plane I will think about what I want to do.”

Following this line, the student of the capital institute emphasizes that she knows firsthand the assessment of other young people who have already lived the experience offered by the Amancio Ortega Foundation. “Everyone values ​​her positively. Sometimes they miss her family, but despite everything, they recognize that they are living a dream,” he notes.

Aware that there are only a few months left for her life to undergo an important change, the young woman claims to be more than satisfied. “It is the greatest achievement I have obtained in my life,” he says.

It should be noted that in this edition there have been more than 10,000 candidates who have submitted to the selection process. All applicants had to have an average grade of seven, both in the third year of the ESO and in the English subject.


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