Amancio López Seijas: «Many have calculated that they can live without working»

—La Toja is the latest luxury that neither the Arabs nor the Chinese have discovered. —Geographical isolation has historically made it a destination for the Spanish and Portuguese. The highways weren't finished until well into the 90s. We have three smaller airports, especially if you compare them to Porto, which is the closest to us. Now with the AVE we are going to do well. “It's a unique hotel. —It's from 1907, it has the charm of history. This is for us cause of special motivation. And of responsibility. Of course it is a project, but above all it is a legacy. —Why is it so cheap compared to other hotels in, for example, Ibiza or Marbella? —When García Márquez was there in May 1983, he had no luck and it rained every day. He wrote an article in which he said that it was a hotel from another world that was waiting for the rain to clear up to live. It's a metaphor. We are waiting for the internationalization, that tourism has just arrived from all over the world to be able to raise prices. Before people went where there was work, now work goes where people go. -The tourism. —It is important for Spain and for Europe. In Spain, poverty ended in the 1960s thanks to foreign exchange from tourists. In the 90s, the Barcelona Games and the Seville Expo served to modernize post-industrial cities and acquire a modern lifestyle that both locals and tourists like. —Galicia is unknown despite its beauty and gastronomy. —We must recover the cultural wealth, the historical heritage, which is what tourists value more and more. -The road to Santiago. “This is our big chance. Castelao says that the European spirit was founded on the Camino, and it is true that not only Christians come but also people of all cultures and beliefs. It is the greatest attraction for the internationalization of Galicia. —You have invented political tourism, with the La Toja Forum. —I realized years ago that, with polarization and populism, it was increasingly difficult to defend the Western values ​​that our parents and grandparents taught us. In the end, between a social democrat and a conservative the differences are small and they agree much more. That is why we decided together with Josep Piqué to create this meeting space to which relevant members such as Anton Costas or Carmen Martínez Castro, among others, were added, with the aim of underlining what unites us all. This forum is for everyone to come to an agreement. My only value was pushing it. They are the ones who have given it prestige and have taken it to the place it occupies today. The credit really belongs to you. -This summer. —There is a euphoric tourism, of compensation. We are at a peak. People during the pandemic had time to think about what they liked. After all, tourism is the industry of happiness, we are the dream of humanity. — Inflation in sight. "I'm worried, yes. But with the crisis of 2008 I learned that we can survive anything. And above all understand that an entrepreneur has no right to be discouraged. “He told me he's worried. —A businessman is the permanent concern. And he has to work, think and anticipate. -The staff. "It's scarce all over the world. There is a hedonistic way of life in which many have calculated that without working, or working very little, they can get by with subsidies and aid. I will not tell you that not working is encouraged, but of course in Spain it is easy for one to have the feeling that without doing much, one will be able to have a fairly pleasant life. —As a businessman, does the government's economic policy harm you? — As a businessman in these matters I have to be invisible. It is important that economic policies are oriented towards the creation of employment and jobs. If wealth is not created, it cannot be shared. —Taxes. —A rational taxation is also important. And that Spain has certainty and reliability. That is, not only that the rules are met, but that they do not change them in the middle of the game.

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