December 1, 2020

AM- Iglesias rules out being charged in the Dina case, says he gave the card in good condition and that Sánchez supports him

“Come on, it would only be missing,” he said in an interview on RNE, collected by Europa Press, in which he explained that “of course” he gave his former adviser in good condition the copy that arrived from the card with the content of his stolen mobile, and that if he kept it for a time, and did not return it until the first information with the content of his mobile began to be published, it was so as not to subject it to “more pressure”.

According to Iglesias, when the card arrived, they assured him that it could be the only copy, and that is when he made “a decision”, which was “not to subject Dina Bousselham to more pressure”, because at that time she was already subjected to “enormous pressure” because several reports had been published speculating on a possible relationship between the two.

“It is not the first time that it happens, that a woman works with me and some digital start to say that any woman who works with me her professional successes have to do with an alleged relationship. That gave Dina enormous pressure. So I see there that there are a series of intimate photographs, which they tell me is the only copy, but who can know that? I declared this a year ago in court, “he said.

He then went on to explain that it was when he began to see some content published on Bousselham’s mobile that he changed his mind and decided to give his former adviser the card that had come to him. “I tell you: partner, here it is, this is what you have,” he said.


When asked if he gave him the card in good condition at the time, Iglesias replied bluntly: “Of course I do.” “Mrs. Bousselham has never said that the card had the slightest deterioration, and in the last statement it is very specific in this regard,” he reaffirmed.

And about Bousselham’s decision to go to a British company to retrieve the contents of his mobile phone card, Iglesias has rejected that this implies that he gave him the damaged card. “Yes, yes, very good. And what changes that? If there were copies of the card,” he replied.


He has also ruled out that his former adviser is responsible for the leaks to the media of the ‘screenshots’ with content from his mobile: “By God, it is not that I discarded it, it was stolen.” “There were intimate photos of Dina on that phone. Can you imagine a woman in her early twenties giving intimate photos to people like Villarejo?” He asked.

In his opinion, it is not understood that he wants to transfer the idea that Podemos and he himself are not harmed in this case, and therefore, he has appealed the judge’s decision to withdraw that condition. “How are we not harmed? Who are they then? What it seems is that some want Villarejo, Fuentes Gago and Pino, those responsible for a sewer that has been accredited, to go off their nose,” he denounced.

For all these reasons, Iglesias has shown that “in no case” will he end up being charged in the Dina case. “I do not conceive that possibility. It would be the world upside down. It turns out that his mobile is stolen, then copies appear on Villarejo’s computer, what comes out of the phone is published to harm Podemos and now there are those who claim to say that we have to be the accused “, has rejected.


It has also denied that there have been leaks from the Prosecutor’s Office to Podemos of privileged information. “In no case. I trust the independence of the Office of the Prosecutor. The case itself demonstrates in the habitual relations that the Office of the Prosecutor has with the parties that there have been times when the criteria of the injured parties has been shared by the Office of the Prosecutor and others in the no, and about the baseness that some digital have published, I have nothing to say, “he said.

And asked about whether President Sánchez is concerned about this matter, the Podemos leader has assured that “he does not have the slightest concern, beyond the media dimension,” while confirming that he has his support. “Come on, it would only be missing,” he added.

In addition, the second vice president has assured that he believes that this attempt to blame Podemos and him “will end in nothing, as has happened with all the” very serious accusations “that have been made against his formation in the last five years, which have archived finish.

In this sense, he has pointed out that this strategy of trying to implicate him in this matter and that “those responsible for the sewers are off their brains” responds to a “dirty game” of the right and the extreme right, that judicially will not go to nowhere, but it does serve to defame.


Likewise, he has shown himself willing to appear in Congress to explain this matter, but whenever it is in a new commission of investigation into the sewers, in which the former Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, or his former vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, since it was during her mandate that “her party created a police and media sewer to discredit political opponents.”

“I find it very positive that we have a committee of inquiry in Congress where we are all. A committee of inquiry into the sewers where everyone can ask all the questions. I have no problem giving all the explanations there,” has emphasized.


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