Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Alyx, virtual reality already has its flagship game

The virtual reality He has since this week that game that he needed so much to finish convincing skeptics with this technology. Since last Monday, the holders of a VR viewer for computers can enter the world of Half-Life: Alyx, the new installment in this acclaimed action video game series that, after almost fifteen years of absence, returns with the aim of marking a turning point in the field of immersive experiences.

Is first person adventure It stands out for its spectacular production values, but, above all, for how it takes advantage of the language of virtual reality to immerse the player in his story. Yes Valve already revolutionized first person games with Half-Life 2 and its famous physics system, with Half-Life: Alix could repeat this milestone, although, yes, this time it will not be available to everyone.


To play Half-Life: Alyx you need to have a virtual reality viewer and a powerful enough PC. The game has been designed for the viewer Valve Index and it is with this that the title displays all its features, but it is also compatible with the viewers of Oculus, the HTC Vive and the devices Mixed Reality Windows. In addition to the cost of a computer to play, we must add the price of a virtual reality equipment whose price can range from $ 399 for the Oculus Quest, the cheapest, to $ 999 for the best version of the Valve Index.

After overcoming the obstacles of cost and infrastructure that this technology still has today, all that remains is to equip the viewfinder and controls to literally move to the rooftops of the dystopian City 17 and contemplate the impressive recreation that has been done of this classic location of video games. Then begins an adventure that Combine genres like action, puzzles, and horror.

Image from the video game Half-Life: Alyx

Image from the video game Half-Life: Alyx

This first-person adventure stands out for its spectacular production values, but, above all, for how it takes advantage of the language of VR to immerse the player in its history

The plot of Half-Life: Alyx is placed chronologically between the events of the two original games and has as protagonist Alyx Vance, one of the most remembered characters from the previous installments, whose mission is to form a resistance against the occupation of the Earth by the Alliance. A story that the media that have already been able to finish the game affirm, like Timethey claim it can last about 12 hours, something that makes it clear that we are not facing a brief experience.

Being a title with a story as complete as that of any other blockbuster, the American company has paid special attention to one of the biggest concerns of many users when it comes to facing a virtual reality game, feeling dizzy. It is for this reason that Half-Life: Alyx offers different configurations to move within the game, although the main one is the use of a teleportation system combined with the freedom that the analog movement in which the protagonist is guided step by step.


The physical interactions, like the fact of taking objects, were already one of the key characteristics of Half-Life 2 and here they are enhanced thanks to the many actions that the track fingers control like Valve Index’s, like crushing a can or realistically loading a gun. The gravity gloves that Alyx has in the game allow him to attract objects –something that facilitates mobility when playing– are the object that guides most of a slower gameplay than in other action games, but that also has perfectly designed shootings .

The first reviews of Half-Life: Alyx are being enthusiastic and proof of this is the average of 92/100 that the game has in the review aggregator Metacritic. The conclusion of many specialized media, such as UploadVR, is that the game is not as innovative as it might seem, nor does it solve many of the concerns of virtual reality, but in everything that does good is the best. Half-Life: Alyx is the demonstration that virtual reality still has a lot to offer and judging by the reaction of all those who have already been able to complete it, a new demonstration that the future of entertainment passes through immersive experiences.

Half-Life: Alyx is a new demonstration that the future of entertainment goes through immersive experiences

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