Álvaro Urquijo: “I would not have the stomach to sing a song about the pandemic” – La Provincia

Although he does not quite get used to a “masked” audience, Álvaro Urquijo assures that live music is one of the few things that exists that does not have to change. The safe culture exists and is necessary.

“Science and culture go hand in hand. The first will save our lives and the other will make life more bearable.” That is the only prediction that Álvaro Urquijo dares to make. He confesses puzzled by the pandemic. And it’s not the only one. Therefore, music should be a refuge, so together with Los Secretos it has closed dates for concerts in Murcia, Malaga or Mallorca until October.

– How is the contact with the public during the concerts of this new normal?
– Well, we must admit that it is very different, but I think it is worth it.

– Does it affect you when getting on stage?
– It puzzles me because I’m used to looking at people in the audience a lot and now I only see masks. But I think the positive part is that people have guarantees of safety and that they can comfortably enjoy a concert that they like. The model is working fine. These concerts are halfway between, the worst reality, and a not too distant future in which little by little we will be able to make ourselves to this new reality.

– Did musicians need to play and did people need live music?
-Yes. We are all freaked out. We are all sunk in a sense of unfamiliarity, fear and anguish. After everything that has happened, you know that this is going to be the beginning of an economic crisis. It is disheartening.

– Did you think that someone would dare to go to a concert?
– We were afraid that nobody wanted to go. But Secrets have never shrunk from a challenge or uncertainty. I refer to the tests of our history. In difficult moments we have managed to react in time. No matter how I feel, if I feel insecure or scared, I have to move. There are sound technicians, managers and hiring offices that are working very hard for this summer’s concerts. We are almost 300,000 people who live from culture. Therefore, we cannot afford to stop short.

– Has everyone tightened their belts?
– Yes, we have a summer to save the sector. The concerts of these months are not going to serve even to pay bills, but to keep the music alive. Right now, there are more chances of contracting the disease on the street than in a concert, where there is separation between people. In addition, it is also necessary for people to disconnect a bit. You have to reconnect with culture. In these moments, science and culture go hand in hand. The first is going to save our lives and the other is going to make life more bearable.

– Do you think that the sector needed something to remind you of the concept of the guild?
– I believe that we have always been a pineapple because we all have the same interests, but perhaps more cohesion was lacking. In the market it seems that we are all competitors, but in situations like these there is no discussion, we have to go hand in hand together. Economic interests always destroy this union.

– Are there new songs from Los Secretos that have emerged from the confinement?
– I’m afraid not. We bet on being with people during the lockdown with concerts through social networks. But I was not motivated at all. Nor did I want to release a song that would remind me of those ugly moments, where thousands of people have died. I would not have the stomach to sing a song about the emotions I experienced during that time. Not now, not never.

– Is there something that bothers you especially?
Some idiots, sorry. There are people who forget what we are living. If people didn’t do the brute, there might not have been so many sprouts. You only need four neurons to understand that this is dangerous and that your bad action can harm many people.

– And what did you like the most?
– That some values ​​that we had forgotten have been recovered, such as camaraderie or solidarity. Although that is lacking in some social groups.

– Are you referring to the anti-covid demonstration?
– Yes. I think they’re wrong.

– Many of your colleagues from the culture sector have been in favor of the protesters.
I believe that they are very misinformed, but I have to respect them. There are as many people as there are small universes. Everyone has their own vision of life. I disagree with these postulates because there is something called science and another called reliable information, which can be found in scientific journals. If you base your life on a few viral videos, your actions will lead to failure and the rest to catastrophe. They are obsessed with the fact that someone wants to put nanochips in our body and I don’t know what benefit that could have if we are already more than controlled by mobile phones.

– Where do you think this conspiracy comes from?
There are several ways to understand this. Conspiracy theories have always been, some have been true. I have my doubts about the Kennedy assassination. But conspiracy theories replace many unanswered questions. Far from taking action, there are people who think that others are to blame for bad things happening to them.


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