Álvaro Déniz wants more – The Province

Álvaro Déniz wants more - The Province

A fight of strut. When it was his turn to go on stage, Álvaro Déniz 'Pollo de Moya III' knew how to solve the night for his team, the Star CL of Sardina del Sur. He defined the first title of the season of the First Category in Gran Canaria with the effectiveness that characterizes him, in an evening where he demonstrated his status as strut A. On the way he left Carlos Santana, hero of Union Gáldar in the semifinal to knock down Ricardo Rodríguez 'Medianito IV', Airán Gordillo and the head of the Northwest team: Moisés Pérez and Fafi Martín. Everything to give the Sardina del Sur club the Dielca de Coruña Wrestling Tournament.

"The truth is that I'm very happy, to reach the final for the first time with the Estrella and get the title leaves you with the feeling of a job well done." I can only thank the manager for the great job she has done in the summer to make a They have made a very big effort, this tournament has shown that we are, "assured the 'Chicken of Moya III' after lifting the title of champion.

This is the second season of Álvaro Déniz in the Estrella CL after abandoning the discipline of Unión Sardina. In the first season under his leadership, the team chaired by Mariano Sánchez finished champion of the Cabildo League of Gran Canaria. However, both he and the Star want more. "We can not promise, but what I see I like, what I consider is that we are a group of people who like to work, who like to train: from the weakest to the strongest we are there, crushing us. It was seen in the final, where the first chairs did a brutal job, and I try to solve everything I can later, "said the 31-year-old fighter.

A group where his brother Ismael Déniz 'Chicken of Moya IV' who completed last season an incredible year with Union Gáldar CCO 7 Palmas. In the memory is still fresh the memorable night he left in Fuerteventura at the end of the Tournament Disa Gobierno de Canarias before Saladar de Jandía. And also the Cabildo League final against the Star, where he refused to fight against his older brother with the title in play to comply with that unwritten rule: between brothers there is no quarrel.

"Primarily, my preference for this season was to be able to fight with him again, in the team that was, although it is true that I have found a family here, in the end it was possible to give and we are here together. I know him, we pushed each other in. We were both able to stand and I am very proud of him. "

The work of wear that Ismael Déniz did -determined A- with La Palma striker Fafi Martín was key for Álvaro Déniz to give the finishing touch to the Union Gáldar. "I am very happy to be able to knock down a great striker like Fafi, without a doubt, for that reason and for the title, I get great sensations for this start of the season," he said.

And in the future objectives a premise: fight to fight. "I want to try to win everything, I'm like that, I always want to win, you can win or you can lose, but I'm sure we'll fight as much as possible to be in the finals, with work to come in. Then you can win or you can lose. , but our idea is to try it ", summarized Álvaro Déniz.

With the Cabildo League of Gran Canaria just around the corner, the 'Pollo de Moya III' also looks beyond: the Regional. "It's probably the best competition of the last 15 years, I hope we can be there giving firewood because it's the best competition and I'd like to be there with my team," he said.


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