Álvaro and his mother-in-law, confronted in 'The island of temptations': "Be a little ashamed and shut your mouth"

'The island of temptations' continues to surprise after four seasons in Telecinco. In the delivery this Wednesday, Rosario's mother traveled to Dominican Republic to speak with Álvaro, her daughter's boyfriend, after they both couldn't avoid the call of temptation. "Are you glad to see the 'mother-in-law' or what?"She asked while the young man couldn't believe this unexpected visit: "I'm always glad to see you."

Charo, who arrived at the stake without having seen images of what happened in the villas, did not hesitate to defend his daughter from the first moment. "Well, it's strong, because here we both came with limits," Álvaro warned him, who affirmed that Rosario had been "the first to fail." "It must be for a reason. Maybe she's tired too and you've earned it.", replied the mother-in-law.

After what Sandra Barneda welcomed the contestant's mother, Álvaro gave a nervous laugh because of everything that was happening: "I wasn't expecting it." "She is the mother of my girlfriend, I love her madly but this does not go between me and her"added Charo's son-in-law, who maintained his position: "If it was her, I will be by her side as a mother."

The program first aired the images of Álvaro and Sabela, including the edredoning and the night of passion that they starred in. "Are you comfortable? And you say you love her?", Asked Charo, visibly pissed off by what she had just seen: "What do you think of the images? Because you don't respect my daughter. Be a little ashamed and shut your mouth".

Charo's attitude was different when he saw the videos of his daughter with Suso and Simone: "Well, enjoy, what do you want me to tell you". "Well, enjoy it, but it loses me," Álvaro replied to his mother-in-law, who ended up recognizing that there was "some scene" that he had not liked. Finally, after a tense bonfire, Charo and Álvaro said goodbye with a hug.


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