April 18, 2021

Alvarez disassociates job destruction from salary increase – La Provincia

Alvarez disassociates job destruction from salary increase - La Provincia

The general secretary of the General Union of Workers (UGT), Pepe Álvarez, ruled out yesterday that the rise in the minimum wage is the cause of the bad start of 2019 that has led the job. From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he went to prepare the announced start of the hot year with delegates of union training, Álvarez assured that it is "the productive system" that fails.

For the union leader, the Canary Islands is a "great example" that shows that it is not enough to have a powerful housing sector to end the problem of unemployment. "We are a tourist country," he said in reference to all of Spain, but warned that all the spending made by visitors does not stay in the State.

"Whoever tries to look towards Morocco instead of Germany is wrong," said Pepe Alvarez, referring to the salary field. He also underlined the "scandal" that according to his words supposes the distribution of the benefits accumulated by the businessmen in the last years.

Álvarez presented together with the head of the union in the Islands, Gustavo Santana, the action plan that will lead to the two-hour strike called for the next March 8, Women's Day. The increase of the pressure on the Government of Pedro Sanchez has as objective that the Executive gives nature letter to "six months of negotiations" to eliminate some precepts of thelabour reformthat the PP approved in 2012.

These demands include the recovery of the ultraactivity of the agreements, which can now be unilaterally dropped by the company if negotiations for the signing of a new agreement exceed the year of duration. In addition, they want the company agreements to be submitted to the sectorial ones, without being able to ignore any part of their content.

"Pressures" on Sánchez

In the opinion of the union leader, if these changes do not see the light it is because there are "pressures" on the Spanish president and his Government. In this regard, Álvarez explained that the reports disseminated by employers and financial entities always "go in the same direction, that of crushing to perpetuate slavery" contained in that labor reform of the PP.

However, and even recognizing that popular and Citizens (Cs) have "kidnapped" the Mesa delCongress of Deputiesto avoid the debate on questions of a social nature, he warned that the Spanish government should make changes immediately. "You have to be aware that the population can not take it anymore," he said.

Neither is the March 8 election coincidental. Pepe Álvarez stressed that this is intended to generate "debate on the employment situation of women" and the end "of violence" suffered. In addition, he pointed out the need to show a strong opposition against machismo "that has the shamelessness" of showing itself in public. In this way he referred, without naming it, to the irruption of Vox in Andalusia.

On the other hand, Alvarez said that only the debate in the Congress of Deputies will allow theGovernment of the Canary Islands"amend" the draft General State Budgets for 2019 designed by the central executive. On the contrary, it would suppose, in its judgment, to prevent the Islands from receiving "400 million euros more" than if the last year were extended.

For his counterpart in the Islands, Gustavo Santana, the amendment to the totality threatened by the nationalists is a "portrait" of the position they defend. In the opinion of the leader of the trade union organization in the Canary Islands, the "social front" demanded by the Government ofFernando Clavijo, it is only "a business front".

Santana defined in this way the scope of the breaches with the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) and the new Statute of the Canary Islands, which, in the opinion of the Canary Islands Coalition (CC), contains the budget project. "That the law be studied," he emphasized, noting that the REF does not oblige the State, for example, to pay for an educational infrastructure plan, but simply to grant scholarships to young Canarian people to encourage their participation in research and development.

After the two union leaders was a group of workers of the Ralons company, awarded the cleaning service in schools in the capital of Gran Canaria, protesting the non-payment of their salaries. The general secretary of UGT urged the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to terminate the contract. "Let's finish with these pirates (…) that degrade working conditions to infinity," demanded Pepe Álvarez.


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