September 21, 2020

Álvarez de Toledo, the hard wing of the PP who asked to vote for Ciudadanos with Rajoy and ends up facing Casado

Pablo Casado has decided to cut off the head of the parliamentary spokesperson which he appointed, against the criteria of the party barons, just over a year ago. For months there has been speculation about the maneuver, which has been carried out through a press release on an August afternoon, the same one in which the Royal House also admitted in a public note that Juan Carlos I, the king emeritus, had chosen the United Arab Emirates to escape their scandals. The journalist and marchioness has reacted angrily to her dismissal: it weakens the PP because “Casado needs people with her own criteria by her side.”

Álvarez de Toledo:

Álvarez de Toledo: “My dismissal is detrimental to the PP, Casado needs people with his own criteria by his side”

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Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (Madrid, October 1974) leaves her future up in the air, whether she will continue in the parliamentary group or in the party itself. Her harsh words and the way of addressing her leader, “Mr. Casado”, are not very compatible with the protégnce in those acronyms, but the deputy had already come to ask for the vote for Citizens when Mariano Rajoy was president of the PP. One of those gestures that are not forgotten in games.

Now the pressure from different sectors of the PP led by the secretary general himself, Teodoro García Egea, and from several of the barons of the more moderate wing of the PP, such as the Galician Alberto Núñez Feijóo, or the Andalusian, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, unhappy with the increasingly frequent outbursts of the spokesperson, has been able to do more than the wishes of Álvarez de Toledo herself, who this same weekend ruled out in a interview with El País his voluntary replacement in the spokesperson and charged against the unanimities of the political formations. In it, the already exporter in the PP Congress denounced an “invasion of the party’s powers in the parliamentary group”, a comment that, as he explained about the talk he had with Casado this Monday, seems to have been another argument for his forced fall. The week before, another of the most Aznarist leaders, Gabriel Elorriaga, had done it, forced to leave the post of head of the parliamentary group’s advisory, which Álvarez de Toledo interpreted as another affront to her from the leadership.

“By way of conclusion, I want to say that the causes seem unfortunate to me and that I do not share them, I do not agree with the reasons, in the first place Mr. Casado told me that the interview in El País constituted an attack on his authority. Throughout these last months, Mr. Casado considers that my conception of freedom is incompatible with his authority, it is a vision of politics that I do not share, “Álvarez de Toledo has expressed in a harsh statement against the one who appointed her spokesperson. thirteen months ago.

Considered since her arrival as a ‘loose verse’ within the conservative formation, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, –who is a journalist and historian–, has starred in successive outbursts that have made her own party colleagues feel uncomfortable. One of the last, when he called the third vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, from the speakers’ platform “son of a terrorist.” Now this episode would have been another of the triggers for his dismissal as parliamentary spokesman for the PP, Álvarez de Toledo said, since the party was not willing to pay the costs of the appeal before the Constitutional Court that the exporter wanted to carry out so that the Diario de Sesiones literally picked up those attacks on Iglesias’ father at a time when the popular with Casado at the head were proclaiming moderation. “It seems to him that I have no need to raise this appeal and was not willing to pay for it,” explained the deputy for Barcelona who today maintains her seat in the Congress of Deputies and who has already said that she will seek funds on her own to wage that battle in court.

But there have been more throughout these months, the last one on the flight of the king emeritus to the United Arab Emirates. Álvarez de Toledo distanced himself from the official party line on the departure of Juan Carlos I from Spain, considering “a mistake” that he left Spain without “submitting to the scrutiny of the Royal Household” or giving “an explanation to the Spaniards.” , something that, in his opinion, has harmed his heir, King Felipe VI, eroding his image and that of the monarchy.

Along with this, his insistence on promoting a “government of national concentration”, “moral and constitutionalist” together with the PSOE and Ciudadanos, had also bothered, something that Casado disdains despite being in favor of Sánchez breaking his alliance with “nationalists and separatists ”.

Other of her interventions or statements have brought her closer to Vox’s approaches than to those of the PP itself, where the party leader has just decided to start a new stage. In the seven-seven debate prior to the 10N elections, Álvarez de Toledo insisted that “not everything that is not a yes is a no”, in reference to the sexual consent of women, scandalizing some fellow seats, including the former president of Congress Ana Pastor, who came out to say that she did not agree only a few hours later. Pastor, from the Marianist wing of the party, is one of those promoted in the remodeling proposed by Casado: she will be deputy secretary of Social Policy.

His tough profile coined for years within FAES, the José María Aznar Foundation, and the sponsorship of the former president so that he was topping the list for Barcelona last 10N already displeased many in the party. In the first electoral appointment he took out a seat. On repeat, two. Especially because her link with Catalonia, where there will soon be elections, is null and some leaders had already predicted that she would not contribute much with her exalted speech, which she calls a “cultural battle.”

But it has been the slights he has made to some of the barons in command in the square that have earned him the most enmity. Starting with Feijóo himself. In fact, no one claimed her to participate in the campaign of the last Galician and Basque electionsyes, something that she hurt herself. After the overwhelming victory of the Galician baron in her land, Alvarez de Toledo. declared to El Confidencial that she would be “delighted to Galician the national PP” provided that “that does not mean that it is not known if it goes up or if it goes down, or if it goes or if it comes.”

Several weeks ago, several territorial leaders had been demanding that Casado and García Egea ask the spokesperson to moderate their tense interventions in the debates or remove her from office. But Álvarez de Toledo has preferred to be displaced in office rather than submit to party discipline in which she has made it very clear that she has never believed. “Labels – hard or soft – seek to restrict people, accentuate their automatisms, prevent them from thinking freely, and must be challenged.” And so it has.

Shortly after the news was known, the PP export spokesperson charged in front of Congress against the president of his party. Álvarez de Toledo revealed that the causes of his dismissal seemed “unfortunate” to him. He not only assured that he did not share them but also made it clear that his departure from the spokesperson will harm the PP and the fight to achieve a Spain of equals. He equated his contributions to politics with the “values ​​of the Enlightenment.” “My departure will surely be interpreted as a bet for moderation in the face of radicalism,” said the parliamentarian, who sent a poisoned message to the winner of the restructuring of the party carried out by Casado in the middle of August, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, whose image has risen with the management of the epidemic due to its more moderate tone. “Curiously, I happened to be the champion of Vox when few people have written harsher words. People who govern thanks to the support of Vox go through moderates in those same media,” said Álvarez de Toledo after learning that Almeida will be the new national spokesperson for the PP –New creation charge–. The message can also be pointed out by the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, another of those who always positioned himself against the rise of Álvarez de Toledo.

“His decision seems to me the culmination of what I have heard these months that Cayetana is free. We underestimate the constructive force of critical thought, freedom is not indiscipline and one’s own thinking is not an attack on authority. It has never been. in my case to Mr. Casado, “he said later, to later acknowledge that” I have said heterodox things but I have never said them to the detriment of Mr. Casado’s authority or the interests of the Spanish center-right. Casado needs people with his own criteria. Loyalty and own criteria are compatible in my opinion. ”


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