Álvarez de Toledo points to Ayuso as Pedro Sánchez’s “alternative”

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has gathered half a thousand people this Monday at the Fernando de Rojas Theater of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid for the official presentation of the memoir in which settle accounts with the PP, Pablo Casado and journalists after his brief stint as the party’s parliamentary spokesperson. The still deputy of the PP not only has not reduced her criticism of the person who proposed her to head her candidacy for Barcelona, ​​”an offer that she could not refuse,” as she has written, but has delved into the hard war that the organization is experiencing in which the figure of Isabel Díaz Ayuso who, he has said, was the “leader” who gave the PP “the opportunity to be an alternative” is still active and has glossed.

Pablo Casado responds to Ayuso: "Personalism does not fit in the PP, this is not a 'talent show' of megalomanias"

Pablo Casado responds to Ayuso: “Personalism does not fit in the PP, this is not a ‘talent show’ of megalomanias”

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“I fought against the undesirable in politics until I became an undesirable in politics,” Álvarez de Toledo said in a speech read from the stage. “And more after the book,” he added, despite his own efforts and those of the rest of the participants, in pointing out that the memoirs are not revengeful. In fact, he explained that the motivation for the volume is that “Pablo Casado is president of the Government.”

Of course, the exportavoz, who folds during the 500 pages of his first work in saying that both were not “friends”, has lectured him: “It is not the same to arrive at Moncloa than to govern, which means to change things, to level the board. For that you need to put up a clear alternative to what is in front of you “. Álvarez de Toledo has expressly cited Democratic Memory (“civil warfare), feminism and Justice as some of those elements to be leveled.” That is the obligation of the current leadership of the PP. The country needs it, “he concluded.

But the options for Casado to personalize this “clear alternative to what is in front of him” are not many, according to the author, she takes pains to explain in her book, and as she has made clear this Monday. Álvarez de Toledo has a favorite: Isabel Díaz Ayuso. First he has defended the president of the Community of Madrid from the words of the party leader, who said: “Personalism does not fit in the PP, this is not a talent show of megalomania“. Casado added:” There is no room for soloists, we are a tuned, harmonic orchestra, in which what prevails is a project. With a strong, united, synchronized score. We are not the sum of individualistic plans. ”

“They are called political idealists. Soloists”, he has glossed in his speech. And he continued: “To achieve what is desirable you have to aspire to lead, expose yourself. You will have to be a leader, a hero (…) an Isabel Díaz Ayuso who assumed responsibility in the first person to defend freedom against economic, political and political confinement. Morality of the people of Madrid. By doing so, he gave us the greatest joy in recent years. And I am not referring to partisan joy, but to the opportunity to be an alternative. ”

In the questions of the attendees, screened by the publisher, they have questioned him about Ayuso and if he would give him any advice. “It stands on its own,” he said. “It is the most important electoral asset of the Spanish center-right,” he added. The exportavoz has returned to take sides in the bloody internal battle and he has ensured that “as soon as possible” any type of operations and messes are finished “pear that is not president of the PP in the Community of Madrid” better for all.

“It doesn’t make any sense, it should have finished in two or three seconds,” he pointed out, to claim “that the strength and hope that was generated in Madrid be transferred to the national level.” “My humble endorsement like that of so many millions of people who acclaim her wherever she goes,” he concluded.

“If they throw you out of the party, do you leave politics?” they have questioned him too. After a break to drink water, Álvarez de Toledo responded with a smile on his face and in his voice: “They are not going to kick me out of the game.”

However, the deputy has returned with one of her recurring ideas, that of the “regrouping” of the “center-right”. The platform whose creation he led, Free and Equal, will resume its activities. And this Wednesday he will star in an act in Barcelona with the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas. “There are people who do not understand that we are in different parties,” he claimed, to say that this confluence “has to do with the will” because “there is nothing that justifies a fragmentation” in three.

But the presence of political assets has been very limited. Iván Espinosa de los Monteros and Rocío Monasterio, from Vox, were invited to the event, but they did not attend. Citizens have been seen by the deputy spokesman Edmundo Bal and the deputy Guillermo Díaz. Of the PP, the one that was right hand of Álvarez de Toledo.

Pablo Iglesias, “son of FRAP”

Álvarez de Toledo has raised in his speech what he has considered his “milestones” in the year and a half that he was at the head of the PP group in Congress. There have been three, specifically: making “the V of victory” during the campaign in a ceremony at the University of Barcelona in which a group of students tried not to enter; to say in a television debate to the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, “Do you really say ‘yes, yes, yes’ until the end?”; and “to call the son of the FRAP by his name, and even by his title, in the seat of popular sovereignty.” “What more could I ask for?” He concluded to loud applause from the audience. The only interruption in his entire speech.

That “son of the FRAP” is none other than the former vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, whom he called a “son of a terrorist” in the gallery of Congress. Of course, this Monday he has not dared to repeat it, perhaps because at the Fernando de Rojas Theater does not enjoy parliamentary immunity. The matter is still waiting for the courts to determine whether this immunity applies to the words he said when he was still a PP spokesman.


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