Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Álvarez de Toledo, María Jesús Montero, Irene Montero, Arrimadas, Rufián and Esteban debate at RTVE

Álvarez de Toledo, María Jesús Montero, Irene Montero, Arrimadas, Rufián and Esteban debate at RTVE

The representatives of the political parties that will participate are Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (head of list of the PP to the Congress for Barcelona), María Jesús Montero (head of list of the PSOE to the Congress for Seville), Irene Montero (number two of the United We can to the Congress by Madrid), Inés Arrimadas (head of list of Citizens to the Congress for Barcelona), Gabriel Rufián (number two of ERC for Barcelona to Congress) and Aitor Esteban (head of list of the PNV to the Congress for Vizcaya).

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The director and presenter of 'Los desayunos de TVE', the journalist Xabier Fortes, will be in charge of moderating the debate in Estudio 1 of Prado del Rey.

Last February RTVE proposed the holding of a debate to four in the face of the general elections on April 28 with the participation of Pedro Sanchez (PSOE), Pablo Casado (PP), Pablo Iglesias (United We Can) and Albert Rivera (Citizens) for April 22 and that would be broadcasted in La 1 of TVE.

However, the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, agreed to hold a five-day debate on April 23 at Atresmedia with the candidates of the PP, Podemos, Ciudadanos and Vox, the only one in which the Socialist candidate will participate in the Presidency of the Executive.

After knowing the news, RTVE Directorate sources explained to Europa Press that the Corporation maintained the "hope" and the "invitation" so that in the debate at six this Tuesday was "the highest representation" of the political parties, including, Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Casado, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera, something that, finally, will not happen.

Sanchez's decision to participate in an election debate on a private television and decline the invitation of the public has provoked criticism. The RTVE News Councils (TVE, RNE and Interactive Media) criticized the PSOE and its candidate as "contemptuous of public broadcasting" and refused to participate in the four-party debate proposed by TVE.


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