Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Álvarez de Toledo blames the PSOE that Puigdemont's sovereignty fused for legitimizing nationalism

Álvarez de Toledo blames the PSOE that Puigdemont's sovereignty fused for legitimizing nationalism

The candidate of the PP for Barcelona in the general elections, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, considers that the PSOE is the culprit of which the sovereignty of Puigdemont and Torra has matured for having legitimized nationalism and has charged against Pedro Sánchez for his proposal of dialogue with the independence movement, since in his opinion, this dialogue means "disloyalty, inequality and the end of fraternity".

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During a Breakfast of Forum Europe, the popular candidate has alerted that, after the elections, the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, "can only be president at the expense of the Constitution". "O Sánchez or the sovereignty of the Spanish people, O Sánchez or the Constitution, O Sánchez, or equality with the Spaniards, that is, in essence, the great Spanish contemporary drama", he affirmed.

He considers that Sanchez can only revalidate his Presidency by agreeing with the independentist parties and for that reason he has qualified him as the "vain useful" of sovereignty.

Álvarez de Toledo has criticized that the independence process "would never have been as serious as it was if it had not been for the protection he has received by the PSOE", and has reviewed the historical moments in which, in his opinion, the socialists have legitimated Nationalism and independence.

In this sense, he has charged against the PSC, which he sees as the great responsible for the "nationalism of Pujol curdled and the sovereignty of Puigdemont and Torra has set."

Thus, he has recriminated the first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, to have raised the possibility of pardoning the independence prisoners and of making a referendum if the sovereignty reaches 65% of support: "65% of what? of the Generalitat? From a survey? How is this idea measured? "


The popular candidate has ensured that this attitude of the PSOE against the independence movement has meant that Catalonia considers nationalism as "politically correct", while in other countries is an ideology considered incorrect.

In addition, he has recriminated that when the PSOE speaks of dialogue with the independence movement "they mean disloyalty, inequality and the end of fraternity among Spaniards".

For that reason, he has claimed that the PP is the one that "most firmly raises the flag of equality" and has promised that it will guarantee the defense of constitutionalism so that this space grows.

He has also said that he is in favor of the "regrouping of the constitutionalist space" because he defends that, before the independence movement, the constitutionalist parties have many things in common to work together, so he sees it necessary to move towards the unity of this space.

NEW 155

Asked if it would apply a new 155, he has answered that what the PP should do is "make sure that democracy works fully in Catalonia and the rights of all are respected".

He has pointed out that democracy has many mechanisms to do it, so this means "applying any article, any measure and doing politics".


Álvarez de Toledo has asked independence voters to reflect: "Why do these people vote for separatists, why do not they want to live with other Catalans and with the rest of Spaniards? They are really being exploited, humiliated, their rights are not being respected and the Catalan is on the verge of extinction? ".

"Or is it that they simply do not want to live with other Catalans and other Spaniards because they feel fear of the other and hate the other?" What is xenophobia, that requires reflection, "he concluded.


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