June 17, 2021

Álvarez de Toledo assures that Almeida has passed “from mayor of all Spaniards to spokesman against the exportavoz”

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo remains in the PP, maintains her seat in the Congress of Deputies and promises to continue confronting her party as she did the day Pablo Casado decided to take away the Parliamentary Spokesperson that he had granted to face Vox . One of her targets this Tuesday has been the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez, whom Casado appointed as the party’s national spokesperson the day she left. The PP deputy and exporter of the Popular Group in Congress, has defended herself from Almeida’s criticism, assuring Almeida has gone from being the “mayor of all Spaniards to a spokesperson against the exporter”.

“That does not make sense or a long journey. He is a very good politician and a good manager and this role is not the one that corresponds to him,” lamented Álvarez de Toledo in an interview on esRadio with Federico Jiménez Losantos.

The PP deputy responded to a few previous words Almeida who acknowledged this Monday that “differences had been found” between the national leadership and Álvarez de Toledo. The PP spokesman defended that these differences had to be resolved “as soon as possible.”

Álvarez de Toledo announced this weekend, in an interview in El Mundo, that he would keep his seat after being dismissed as spokesman for the parliamentary group to “show that freedom is not indiscipline” and find out “if a grassroots deputy can represent citizens with the degree of freedom “that she believes essential.

These words were answered by the mayor of Madrid who, in a press conference after the party’s steering committee, replied that if he had been a deputy in Congress for four legislatures, he would have “a fairly approximate knowledge without the need for further prospective research “.


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