Alu Ibérica accuses the works council of “disabling the surveillance cameras” of the company




Alu Ibérica today denounced different “acts of vandalism” attributed to the works council of the A Coruña plant, coinciding with the first day of the indefinite strike, and has calculated the losses produced by the strike at 300,000 euros per day, as reported by the company.

This plant, along with another in Avilés, belonged to the multinational Alcoa, which sold them to the Swiss fund Parter, which resold them to the Riesgo group after a few months.

In a statement, the Risk group has assured that “a group of hooded men together with the president of the committee” have entered the facilities “to disable the surveillance cameras” that control the access to the plant.

Then “a group of people and vehicles blocked the entrance and exit with a material and human barrier and proceeded to set tires on fire,” he denounced.

The management of Alu Ibérica has called these events, which impede the plant’s security control, as “very serious and worrying”, since they pave the way for subsequent acts of sabotage to be committed with impunity.

Likewise, it considers “that these criminal acts seek to pressure and intimidate all the workers of Alu Ibérica in the face of the rejection that the strike call has had among the workforce.”

For this reason, the Risk group has announced that it will implement “the legal measures within its reach” with the aim of defending workers from the threats and violent acts that may be perpetrated.

The directive has ensured that it has been forced to suspend the delivery of material to the factory due to the “high risk” that altercations and attacks may occur against the drivers of the trucks that make such deliveries.

Along these lines, it has indicated that they have been forced to “paralyze” the international material transactions that were scheduled. Altogether, the losses produced by the strike are estimated at 300,000 euros a day, Alu Ibérica stressed.

The strike committee describes the first day of the strike as “successful” followed by “one hundred percent” of the squad, which staged a rally at the gates of the plant at 12 noon, as reported in statements to Ep, the president of the works council, Juan Carlos López Corbacho.

This trade unionist has assured that the works council will bring before the authorities the “impediments” to the right to strike that, he says, the company has practiced this Saturday.

According to the unionist’s account, early on Saturday, the company denied access to the facilities to members of the works council, who contacted the police to report the events. After 9:00 am, three hours after arriving at the plant, López Corbacho was able to enter the facilities and go to the premises of his union center “always accompanied by a security guard.”

For the president of the works council, this action constitutes a “serious” violation of the right to strike and the exercise of freedom of association, in addition to representing “a new act of repression” of the workers by the management of Alu Ibérica, a the one they accuse of wanting to carry out a “scam” with the “dismantling” of the old Alcoa plant in the Herculean city.

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